Home alone

night time

So whilst the rest of my team is out socializing enjoying, I’m sitting here at home thinking how to get to grips with WordPress. It’s pretty easy actually, however…

…this is my first time getting into this whole ‘blogging’ thingy the interwebz has been raving about for years. So like I was saying, one of these motherfuckers is out on a high school reunion party (the 3rd one in 5 weeks!!), and the other one is watching Wanted right now. Meh, they’ll come back soon enough and I’ll be lecturing them on Live whilst trying to kick(ing) their asses.

The picture above was taken by a friend who was experimenting with his new DSLR felt inspired by the view. It portrays a distinct feeling of solitude, but also peacefulness, from afar; just a stone’s throw from having a very exiting night. Sort of what I’m feeling right now I suppose…


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