(that was intentional).

I know what you're looking at!

I know what you're looking at!

I just cant get that typical arcade sounding ‘SOUL CALIBUR 4!’ out of my head. And the game’s menu designs and (press start) and even the loading scrolls are resounding of the arcadey and nauseous feeling of playing a game from back in the day.

Yet, once you’ve done the character selection, the game’s totally not that. The levels and the characters (but not the music) are definitely new age, albeit Japanese fantasy like. On HD the game looks super sweet; the environments are palpable and the characters believable.

oooooooh! Looks better in HD!

oooooooh!:breath:Looks better in HD!:breathe:

Speaking of characters, the fans may already know that everybody’s favourite Darth Vader is a playable character in the roster for the PS3 version (the one we received). In the 360 version you can wield the long eared, short guy, Yoda for your fights. In case you’re wondering who YODA is, here’s a pic!

YODA, my name is!

master Yoda, my name is!

The great thing about these new characters is that they are made ground up and aren’t just skins over existing players of the game. Therefore you wont see Darth Vader doing any of the crazy samurai moves, but he’ll definitely play to his weight and also use ‘the force’. But enough of the Dark Side; lets pull out some shades for some bright stuff!

the bright stuff!

the bright stuff!

Another addition that brings much needed innovation into a fighting game is the character creation model. You do have a certain number of fixed stances and weapons that you need to adhere to while creating your character, but there are absolute heaps you could do with costume and feature customization. Better yet, you can play your character in matches (but of course!) and also take him/her/that online and show off your red underpants! This is one place where crazed fans and normal humans can definitely sink hours and hours in tweaking and tricking out their unholy children.

One of the best things about the game though is the balance that each character is made with. Even though someone would be wielding a range weapon and another a knife, the characters make up for it in other departments. Whereas Tekken may lose in this respect of character balancing, Soul Calibur adds alot of accessories and still pulls it off really well. There is no one super character (not even Darth Vader) and this only makes the game a lot more challenging.

*insert random explicit picture here*

*insert random explicit picture here*

Then again, how can a conversation about Soul Calibur and its aesthetics ever be complete without some female mammary glands? Yes, we’re talking about the jiggle effect and frankly speaking its completely unnecessary. Namco Bandai must thank God that Soul Calibur delivers on so many fronts that the cost to add physics to them is nullified but DOA has never been half as good and burning money for such stuff should either be put to better use for the game development as a whole or be paid to grow trees or something. This world can do without some extraordinarily animated breasts which you’ll never get to see amidst all the action and armor they are wearing during the fight sequences. And even if you were able to catch a glimpse and get high, then you my sir, seriously need a life! (or a better internet service ;)).



I dont like to learn things and that’s exactly what Soul Calibur’s fight sequences force you to do, since the combos are not that easy to pull off and you must learn the moves if you dont want to see just a few punches and kicks and a random body slam that you have no idea how you pulled off. But learning the list is another hassle since they dont directly indicate with X and O etc, they use ABC KGH etc which acts as a legend to the X O and all the buttons. It definitely got my head spinning, and knowing my tendency to give up easily, I didnt even try. Then again when I did pull off something cool, I liked the effect.

In simpler terms, the game actually rides a thin line between the super fast button masher Tekken and the carefully strategic Virtua Fighter series. In that it’s slow but it’s got precision. It may not be very flashy, but it’s got the weapons and the armor, that are actually put to use and are not there for funsies only. Eventually its a good game, and it rewards you for digging deeper into its stomach. They speculate to bring in newer characters for DLC and that could only be good for its longevity.

But as far as we are concerned down here at deculture, we’ve got enough SOUL already 😉

.. and so do we!

.. and so do we!

2 Responses to “SOUL CALIBUR 4 review”

  1. 1 elle6hr
    August 25, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Soul Calibur IV looks awesome and I love the new feature where you can beat the clothes off your opponent, lets me know how bad I’m beating them!  I also enjoy playing Yoda that little guy sure can fight. If you want to try both versions of the game on Xbox and PS3 or you just need one of the systems you have to checkout this sweet contest stacker 2 has got going on where you design your own 6 hour power t-shirt. The winner gets a year’s supply of 6 Hour Power, 10 t-shirts with your own design on it, an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and a copy of Rise of the Argonauts. For all the contest details checkout this link: http://www.brickfish.com/Entertainment/stacker2?tab=overview
    I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by posting on your blog, and if you have any questions or want more info feel free to shoot me an email. Let me know if you design a T-shirt I would love to see it!
    Feel it fast.
    Energy that lasts!
    Elle Davis
    Brand Ambassador

  2. 2 th
    August 26, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Interesting you mention that, the author of this post is actually into t-shirt design. Maybe he’ll come up with something.

    Also, I love the armour breaking too. Seems like the designers were inspired by Ikkitousen. It’s a fanservice anime with a re-imagination of the ‘Romance of the Three kingdoms’ novel. So instead of battle hardened warriors, high school kids are fighting. Also, clothes rip off. Very cheesy, but hey, thats fanservice for ya!

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