Macross Frontier Ep 20

Drama, Action, Love! Oh Lord, my Macross is back!

After last weeks slacker, Macross picked up it’s pace really fast. So we get the obligatory shock moment again when Ranka finds out Alto and Sheryl all cozy, and before she could go down the emo route any further, the…

...Vajra attack!

...Vajra attack!

Apparently the ‘second stage Vajra’, as Luca identified them, were somehow breeding inside the Frontier unbeknown to anyone else. I bet you it’s that Grace bitch! Wonder who had a hand in it?

Anyways, Alto immediately rushes to Ranka and asks her to sing again so that the Vajra could be overcome. Now I understand that Ranka is very emotionally unstable at the moment and seeing all the people dieing must make singing awfully awkward difficult, but it brought a smile to my face when Sheryl…

...bitchslapped some sense into Ranka.

...bitchslapped some sense into her.

We’ve already established that when Ranka is pumped up to save humanity, her voice can do wonders against the Vajra. In an amusing interesting turn of events, Ranka is now very sad and isn’t exactly feeling like ‘saving people’ anymore; so her depressing song (yet again the battle-mix of Aimo) actually brings out…

...a bazillion ore Vajras!

...a bazillion more Vajras!

This of course triggered a ‘distress call’ from the Vajra inside, calling on their big brothers and sisters from all over the galaxy. Cut to the the battleships in space and we see…

...shit blowing up all over the place!

...shit blowing up all over the place!

Back on the Frontier, Ozma and Kathy are running away through some secret underground passage for high ranking military officials where they come across her father, aka the President who…

...recently bit the dust.

...recently bit the dust.

But his is not the death we lament. That feeling is reserved for someone more worthy.

Cutting back to Alto and the gang, where the action is at, Klan has a plan apparently. From the looks of things, she is to macronize herself and then try and save, at least her friends, if not the the entire Frontier fleet from within. Smack in the middle of an intense firefight, she strips to get ready for her transformation and then finally…

...confesses her undying love for Michael!

...confesses her undying love to Michael!

Back in the bunker, where most of the people in Ranka’s concert took shelter, including Sheryl, everyone starts bitching. They basically voice their concern over the fact that Ranka’s ‘hope-for-humanity’ voice didn’t stop the Vajra. The look in Sheryl’s eye tells me what’s gonna happen next, and I’m preparing for the cheesiest moment in the history of Macross F. And fuck me was I wrong!

What happens next is probably the most wonderful sequences in Macross F to date. Sheryl rises to the moment and sings a new and most…

...beautiful version of Diamond Crevasse.

...intense version of Diamond Crevasse.

Once her passionate voice heightens, the affects are simply undeniable. The video cuts to many scenes and focuses back on the skirmish where Michael and Alto are holding back the invading Vajra whilst Klan macronizes. The song suddenly cuts off when something terrible happens, and Sheryl’s voice swells back into existence at the most…

...heart breaking scene.

...heart breaking scene.

I’m going to stop here because you really need to see this episode. Like now! Rolo ain’t got nothing on this!

I’m loathe to post this, but I won’t break traditions, so…

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