A State of Trance Ep 369

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This post marks the beginning of a new weekly review we will be doing on A State of Trance.

For those who’re not familiar, A State of Trance is a weekly trance radio show aired on DI FM every Thursday, and worldwide local stations the following days. The show is hosted by Armin van Buuren, who hand picks the latest and best trance tracks of the week.

The program follows a simple agenda, where every week, Armin plays about 20 odd tracks over the course of 2 hours. Highlights are the ‘Tune of the week’ which Armin selects himself; ‘Future Favourite’ which is selected by the listeners (through voting) and finally ‘ASOT Classic’ which is requested by listeners (through emails) and is usually a track prior to 2002.

Occasionally, Armin will play a live set that was recorded during one of his sessions (whilst on tour) and the above agenda is not followed. Just the latest songs that drive the crowd wild, sadly, we only get to listen 2 hours of it.

With that said, what we will be doing is just a very brief review on the episode itself, predictions for next weeks ‘Tune of the week’ and our views on the current week’s ‘Future favourite’. Also, the track listing itself.

So let’s get down to Episode 369, aired on 11-09-2008.

1. Sander van Doorn vs. Robbie Williams – Close My Eyes (Spinnin)
2. Moussa Clarke – She wants him (Armada)
3. Ronski Speed – Bluescreen (from the double album ‘pure devotion’) (Euphonic)
4. Kerli – Walking On Air (Armin van Buuren dub) (Def Jam)
5. BLENdbRANK – Synthetic Symphony (Mohawk Remix) (Artego Music)
6. Pulser – Sunseeker (Maelstrom)
7. Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren – Unforgivable (First State “Smooth” remix) (Armind)
8. Waterspark – Fairway (Monogato remix) (Ask 4 Records)
9. TUNE OF THE WEEK: Ronski Speed – Last Remaining Light (from the double album ‘pure devotion’) (Euphonic)
10. 4 Strings vs DJ Shaine – The Way It Should Be (dub) (spinnin)
11. FUTURE FAVORITE: Rapha – Pandora (Daniel Kandi’s Emotional mix) (Sensate Europe)
12. 7 Skies & Static Blue – Central Park (Breathe Music)
13. Alex Pich & Dmitry Federov – Drops On The Moon (Jonas Hornblad Remix) (Enhanced Progressive)
14. Nucvise – Believers (Vandit)
15. Philippe El Sisi – Witness (Off Shore)
16. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Stephen Pickup – No More Alone (John O Callaghan remix) (Vandit)
17. Jamaster A – Cicada (Talla 2XLC remix) (2 Play/Spinnin)
18. Gareth Emery – Like This Like That vs Delerium – Silence (Black Army Mash Up)
19. Stevie Cripps – Solarize
20. Cylum & Velden – Leyenda (Aurora Digital)
21. ASOT Radio Classic: Robert Nickson – Spiral (ASOT)


This week’s episode was quite good, thanks to some nice tracks like ‘Walking on Air’ and ‘Bluscreen’ which was a very funky mix; think I’ll get their album ‘Pure Devotion’ for review. Even though the opening track was an interesting mix, Robbie Williams rather feminine voice just turned me off.

‘Synthetic symphony’ is definitely my Future Fav of this week although the vocals almost ruined it! ‘Unforgivable – Smooth mix’ was indeed very soothing and pleasant on the ears ^^.

I wasn’t really feeling the Tune of the week. Felt pretty….meh. Future Fav wasn’t that great either. However, given last week’s lacklustre show, pickings must’ve been slim.
‘Central Park’ also has a good chance of being Future Fav next week in the polls. With it’s low guitar tones and powerful beats making for an interesting track, evoking a feeling of nostalgia for some reason.

‘Cicada’ was the kickass track of the week. A category I made up and will award the track with the most pumping, testosterone fueled music of the week; the kind of track that just wants to make you floor it when you’re driving!  Oh and the new ‘Silence’ mash up was just pure genius!


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