...things don't work out the wy they're supposed to.

...things don't work out the way they're supposed to.

You know when you leave home or go to sleep setting things up on your net, so that when you come back it’s all ready, waiting for you? Except that when you come back it’s not! Well…

…this has been happening to me quite often lately. I come back from work or wake up in the morning all excited about my downloads, only to find out my net got mysteriously disconnected. So I end up resetting my router and then the agonising wait begins, again. The local Telecom company has a monopoly hold on pretty much the entire country. It’s called Etisalat, but everyone over here lovingly refers to them as Eti$luts. Given their extortionist rates (1mb = $70 p.m.) I think their nickname is quite apt.

Although, sometimes I just think it’s fate screwing me over!


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