Macross Frontier Ep 23

Second last…

Considering this is the 23rd episode, things weren’t rushed as I feared. In fact, the plot was eased into the inevitable, one baby step at a time. Like first we see Alto and Sheryl are…

...living together now.

...living together now.

A slightly touching scene follows where Sheryl realises how far she has come (from life in the slums) and how much she wants to live with Alto. You know that when the OTL couple you were rooting for actually got together, things won’t last long. Especially since Sheryl is dying and all.

On the other end of the universe, Ranka and Brera find the Vajra home planet. Upon reaching closer, their fighter is alerted to the Vajra defenses, which Brera casually brushes aside as little concern, until he sees…

...the gravity of the situation.

...the gravity of the situation.

But never fear, Ranka’s magical voice is here. And so she sings ‘Aimo’ again. Thankfully it’s the solo version and not the battle mix. Just before her chorus I’m mentally prepared for the beautiful piano solo when suddenly Brera farts

...plays his harmonica.

...plays his harmonica.

The ruined scene is thankfully cut, and we see the man Mr. Bilrer and Leon gathered to give Alto an insight into the developing shitstorm. Alto correctly guesses that Bilrer want to obtain the Vajra’s ‘Fold Quartz’ technology. Herein Leon interjects and explains that the Vajra don’t a brain. Yes, they really don’t. The reason for their survival and almost triumph over the human race is that they are connected (by thoughts). As such, they all behave as one identity. Thus their instantaneous communication, and reason for developing immunity against the latest human weapons. So basically, the Vajra are like the internetz…

...serious business indeed!

...serious business indeed!

Leon also, very insightfully, deduces that Ranka must’ve been infected with Vajra DNA when she was in the womb. Thus giving her the unique ability that she has, and simultaneously being the greatest source for the Vajra to ultimately destroy humanity. So yeah, thing’s aren’t looking so hot for Ranka now.

Cut back to Brera and Ranka, her song worked to some extent. Well, not really. Not only did she fail in stopping the Vajra, she even got kidnapped! By Ai-kun no less!

I knew that son of a bitch was upto something!

I knew that son of a bitch was upto something!

Anyways, once she gets caught and taken to the Vajra home planet, she somehow gets her memories back. Especially that wonderful day, so many years ago, when…

...shit hit the fan.

...shit hit the fan.

Cut back to Klan and Alto on some rooftop, a very interesting conversation occurs. Things eventually boil down to the fact that Alto, unlike Klan, became a pilot to defend Frontier. It’s people and their unrelenting will to survive, and to live on. And for that, he will go so far as to to kill Ranka if need be. Ah love…

...tis naught but bitter sacrifices.

...'tis naught but bitter sacrifices.

I must say, that before Alto actually uttered those words, my cynical self was musing about what would happen if he actually said that he would kill her. And what happened was that I was shocked. Like dude really? You’ll kill her? Seriously? You know Sheryl’s gonna die right?!

And on that rather exciting note…

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