Code Geass R2 Ep 23

The villain revealed…

The episode starts with Lelouch still recovering from last week’s…



A quick dialogue immediately follows between Suzaku and Nunnally, where Suzaku informs her that she’s siding with the side that just nuked Fleia’ed the capital city of Britannia and asks whether she’s ok with it. Apparently she is. By her logic, it’s still better than Geassing millions of people into slavery. I think she was better off dead. In her defense though, Schneizel did say that most of the people were evacuated from the capital before nuking it.

But that’s just me. See, Schneizel planned this with so much precision it’s almost beautiful. Lelouch feels miserable for being played like a fool, and now the very reason he started this whole affair has turned against him. Not to mention the fact that mom and dad out of the way, nothing now stands between him and Lelouch. Well played sir.

And that’s not all. Schneizel actually lied about the whole evacuation thing. He confesses to Cornelia that all the those people in the city actually vaporised. Also, he plans to…

...nuke all the major cities of the world...

...nuke all the major cities of the world...

…and thus establish a new world order of peace and unity through fear. Ah, so Schneizel is not the goody two shoes after all. That would be Cornelia. All this world domination through genocide doesn’t exactly…

...sit well with her.

...sit well with her.

Alas, she is taken care of swiftly.

Back to the battlefield, the two brother give an impassionate speech to their armies. Lelouch orders his troops to annihilate Schneizel’s forces in order to achieve world domination, and Schneizel proclaims victory over the evil forces of Lelouch in order to achieve world peace. Of course, the real motives of brothers is the exact opposite of what they preach!

Anyhoo, after a brief discussion between the two commanders, the battle of mankind’s salvation begins. What followed was a cat and mouse game where both brothers tried to read each others movements and lure the other into a trap, into which no one fell. This really did made me lol. Seeing how these two were just ‘toying’ with their armies, sitting in the comfort of their command center, trying to outwit each other. Eventually, Lelouch fell for a trap and his forces started to take…

...some hits.

...some serious hits.

This obviously was a trick of his, to lure in Schneizel. And…

...the plan...

...the plan...

...went just as expected!

...went just as expected!

In the end, Schneizel took the dirty way out and starts to nuke Lelouch’s army using Fleia warheads. The only hope Lelouch now has is that Nina develops a better Fleia than the ones Schneizel has or some way to counter those warheads. Of course, Nina wants nothing more than to kill Lelouch (for killing Euphy). So things aren’t looking so hot for Lelouch…

...and he knows it.

...and he knows it.

So what it comes down to is an extremely dysfunctional family. If humans don’t get brainwashed with ‘open emotions’ from the parents, either the elder brother will nuke the whole planet or the younger one will enslave us all to do his bidding; and let’s not forget the trigger-happy youngest sister who launches nukes depending on her emo state. Also, the other two sisters are killed by their brothers. Through a simple process of elimination then, I’d go with Lelouch as it would be a surefire way to live (assuming there are no wars) and live my life in blissful ignorance.

And on that tantalising note…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!

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