One Piece Episode 370 Review

Promising to bring weekly One Piece episode reviews here on after. Let’s begin with episode 370.

One piece returns this episode with the Strawhats still trying to defeat Oz and Gecko Moria. Under Moria’s guidance, Oz is now better able to counter the strategies of the Strawhat Pirates and is able to turn their attacks onto them. Franky is knocked unconscious after his failed attempt at firing himself at Oz with Usopp’s giant slingshot, a.k.a the Kuwagata.

As Oz goes to deliver the final blow on Franky, Nami arrives and saves Franky by using her special, “The Thunderbolt Tempo” to attack Oz and stop him. But, Oz demonstrates that he has now gained Luffy’s ability by stretching his limbs to attack Nami, which the crew realises is Moria’s doing.

Elsewhere, Luffy had been tricked into chasing Moria’s decoy shadow, Doppleman. He meets up with a group of pirates known as the “Rolling Pirates”, who have been stranded on Thriller Bark for 3 years, due to Moria taking away their shadows. They come with a conclusion that Luffy is their only hope of getting their shadows back and getting off Thriller Bark, as he is the only one strong enough to face Moria. In order to multiply Luffy’s strength, the Rolling Pirates insert shadows of different people they had caught into Luffy, thus granting him new abilities and increased strength only for a short period of time. This leads to the creation of “Nightmare Luffy”.

Nightmare Luffy!!

Nightmare Luffy!!

The episode wasn’t anything spectacular in terms of plot as it was yet another episode where the Strawhat Pirates are trying to take down the giant Oz. The animation quality was a standard considering it is One Piece. Nothing really exciting happens rather than the last few minutes of the episode.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!

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