Heroes Season 3 Ep 1

Save yourself, save the world!

Save yourself, save the world!

deculture starts reviewing Heroes season 3, now.

The first episode begins 4 years in the future where we see Claire trying to kill Peter. Obviously he…

...stops time.

...stops time.

And proceeds to bailout by comming back from the future to the present day. Apparently things got really messy for the ‘special’ people once Nathan told the world about them. People freaked out and things went down real bad. Well, Peter’s here to stop it…by killing Nathan in his press speech. But as it turns out, through divine intervention, Peter is…

...still alive!

...still alive!

Cut to Hiro, half way across the world (aka Tokyo) and we see that his father left him a terrible secret to guard. A formula, developed by the company, which in the wrong hands could…destroy the world! Dun, dun duun!!!!

You know, in between trying to blow up Manhattan (first season) and releasing the Shanti virus (second season) and then finally this formula, I believe the original founders of the company wanted to destroy this world rather than save it. Either that, or they wanted to have a little fun with their children getting screwed up over trying to save the world.

Anyways, Hiro’s father was smart enough to leave only one part of the ‘deadly’ formula in his sons’s custody, as he knew Hiro’s clumsiness. And damn, not a second sooner do we see the half-formula, does it get stolen by…

...some new wierdo.

...some new weirdo.

Apparently this one can run at the speed of sound, and therefore isn’t affected by Ando’s time-stop. And with that epic failure, we turn towards and even more epic failure.

That of Claire trying to run away fro Sylar once he shows up at her house. He got down to his business immediately and saw what made Claire tick. And in rather graphic detail, I might add. She survived the whole ordeal (obviously) and he didn’t kill her. Instead he gave her a gift, that of no pain. So now Claire’s miserable life is even more pathetic. Meh.

Oh, and it turns out that Nathan’s divine comeback from the dead was actually not God but Linderman! Yes that…

...bitch is still alive.

...bitch is still alive.

Or is he? It’d be funny if he’s just a figment of Nathan’s imagination. Oh wait.

Another amusing development is that Parkman discovers that future-Peter is the one who shot Nathan. He is then quickly disposed off…

...in the middle of nowhere.

...in the middle of nowhere.

Back in Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are still trying to figure out what to do now that half of the world destroying formula has been stolen, Hiro decides to visit the future to figure things out. Turns out that in the future, not only does Tokyo get decimated by Cloverfield some explosion, but Ando goes…



…on Hiro’s ass and kills him! However, this is still in the future, so it’s all good for now.

Meanwhile, Mohinder uses emo-Queen’s Maya’s blood and discovers a new type of serum that can give ‘heroic’ abilities to normal people. Appalled, Maya tells him to destroy such an abomination but Mohinder, being that curious scientist that he is…

...naturally ends up injecting himself.

...naturally ends up injecting himself.

Turns out Parkman wasn’t the only one who discovered future-Peter, Angela finds it out too. But of course she does, what mother couldn’t tell apart her twins future son from present son. She ends up lecturing him about how he pretty much screwed up the future. Playing with time is not really advisable. Do that and…

...the world will assplode!

...the world will assplode!

Onto to episode two…


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    September 27, 2008 at 5:43 am


    excellent! 😀

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