Heroes Season 3 Ep 2

Brilliant episode with two great WTF moments!

So episode 1 left off with a premonition of the whole world exploding. Good stuff. And this episode immediately starts off with the bad disturbing stuff. Remember Mohinder injecting himself to get ‘powers’ in the previous episode? We got a glimpse of his superhuman strength, but while he evolved in terms of his body structure, his behaviour apparently devolved to the stone age where he…

...hangs off rooftops...

...hangs off rooftops...

…and bang whichever chick he sees in front of him. Although to Maya’s credit, she was looking incredibly hot. Cut to Governor Malden and Nikki Sanders

...Tracy Strauss...

...Tracy Strauss...

we see them both scheming to get the extremely popular ‘divine’ Nathan for their campaign. And Tracy is to talk Nathan into working for Malden. And their encounter, as you probably guessed was pretty interesting indeed, where Tracy had no idea why the hell Nathan kept on referring to her as…



…and their little fling in Las Vegas, circa season one.

A quick cut in between the scenes and we see both Claire and Peter do…

...what they do best.

...what they do best.

Future-Peter confesses that he’s from the future and that it was his fault Sylar took her powers (and multiplied her emo factor by 2008). So he leaves her there in order to make things even worse fix things.

Remember Bob, that patronizing punk from the season two? You know, Elle’s horrible dad? Well good news folks…

...hes dead.

...hes dead.

Apparently Sylar broke into Primatech to have fun take Bob and Elle’s powers. Whilst he was successful with the father, the daughter proved to be more than he could handle. The result was that 4 of the most dangerous captives with ‘powers’ managed to escape, and so did Noah Bennet, while Sylar got caught! In the aftermath, Angela seems to have taken control of things, and tells Elle to GTFO

...get a life.

...get a life.

Things don’t seem to be going well for Ando, not since Hiro saw future-Ando kill future-himself. And even though they successfully managed to fool the thief into leading them to the second half of the ‘world-destroying’ formula, Hiro still has issues with Ando. Namely…

Yeah, trust issues between best friends is not a good sign. And you know what else isn’t a good sign?

Chunks of your skin comming off.

Chunks of your skin comming off.

That’s what you get for sleeping with a super powered woman who sucks the life out of people, a ‘super powered’ STD.

Back in the middle of nowhere Africa, Parkman found…

...his saviour.

...his saviour.

He’s the dood who made those paintings of the world exploding, as he sees into the future. Didn’t know Isaac’s family family tree stretched so far out.

Cut to where the action’s at, Noah is back home, only to leave again. When Claire finds him, he tells her that some bad people escaped Primatech and he’s gonna hunt down these ‘villains’. But he’s not gonna leave Claire on her own. No, he’s invited…

...Claires real mother to lighten things up.

...Claire's real mother to lighten things up.

Although Mohinder’s new found powers (and subsequent Maya nailing) was a brilliant surprise, his powers had already been somewhat revealed in the previous episode. So the real two WTF moments of this episode begin when we find out that future-Peter trapped current-Peter in the body of one of the Villains who escaped Primatech. This will be fun.

And the final WTF moment came in at the last second when Angela turns to her other son after being let down by Nathan and Peter. She hopes to have her plans succeeded by…



After watching the mega-plot-twister that is Code Geass, nothing really tickles my fancy anymore. But damn Heroes sure knows how to grab the audience by the balls! Seems like all that anime influence has rubbed off in a good way!

5 Responses to “Heroes Season 3 Ep 2”

  1. September 28, 2008 at 7:21 am

    i know

    the twists and the pace at how the plot is moving is so anime like

    a lot happens in an episode, and always, a cliffhanger type ending

  2. 3 th
    September 28, 2008 at 9:56 am

    monster7of9: nice blog, but I’ll have to wait until after work to listen to your podcast.

    Habib: Naruto is apparently back on track, we’ll be blogging it soon. And Bleach should be back soon, if rumours are to be believed.

  3. 4 monster7of9
    September 29, 2008 at 3:43 am

    Glad for you interest. Let me know what you think.

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