Naruto Shippuden Episode 76-77 review

Naruto Shippuden returns this episode with a BANG!

Naruto returns this episode with Kakashi revealing that he too can perform a Rasengan which Naruto takes as leverage for him to brag about. But, he continues on by telling that he cannot combine his own lightning-based chakra.

He adds that even the Fourth Hokage, who created the move, could not combine his wind-based chakra with the technique, but that Naruto might be able to. It is also revealed that the Rasengan is an incomplete technique and the Fourth was trying to combine both types of chakra to create an even greater attack. Kakashi warns Naruto that it isn’t going to be easy as if successful, an S-rank or even higher level technique will be created, and it will have to come from Naruto himself as Kakashi cannot guide him through this.

Meanwhile, a word from Asuma arrives to Tsunade about Akatsuki’s location, and continues on despite his concern about Akatsuki’s strength. Hidan and Kakuzu reach the extraction point, which to Hidan’s suprise is hidden in a restroom. Kakuzu gives in the body to collect his bounty and says things about why Hidan is only suitable enough to be his partner.

Going back to Naruto, his training is potrayed to taking stress to great heights which brings out his Nine-tails form. The first segment of this double episode then ends by showing that Asuma and his team have reached the exchange point.

The second part of this special begins, showing that the scouting teams are still trying to find Akatsuki’s location, ignorant of the fact that Team Asuma has already encountered Hidan and Kakuzu. Team Asuma ambushes Hidan, while Kakuzu is still inside, at the extraction point.

Izumo and Kotetsu attack Hidan, but are unable to kill him despite hitting vital organs. Asuma tells his teammates that if they retreat they will be killed and Konoha will be endangered. This is an option they cannot take and Shikamaru realises that Asuma is trying to use a shogi strategy, known as the “Climbing Silver.”  The strategy inflicts great damage to the enemy in exchange for sacrificing your own soldiers. Asuma is considering sacrificing himself to help defeat the enemy.

Asuma begins fighting Hidan while Shikamaru occupies him by forcing him to dodge Shadow Sewing. Hidan cuts Asuma on the cheek, and steps into a circle of blood and transforms just as Asuma uses a jutsu to fire a cloud of burning ash at him.

Summarizing the review, this episode is the one that all Naruto fans were waiting for. It is the breakthrough of all the filler(boring) episodes and it brings back the feeling of the good old ones. There were many things revealed to the audience and it was great for a double special. Animation quality was great considering it is non-OVA material and the opening and ending themes were the same as it is still continuing the arc.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!


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