Heroes Season 3 Ep 3

Slow plot development, but more character buildup.

Apologies for the long due review, but as some of you may know, my HDD crashed and it took me some time to get back online.

Anyways, on with the episode, which begins as usual with charismatic quotes from everybody’s favourite doctor. Soon afterwards, we see Tracy checking out…

...her new powers.

...her new found powers.

Something which I failed to mention last week, Tracy can freeze things and….well destroy them to bits. Moving along, and following up from last weeks OMG moment, we see Noah comming back to the Company, but he’s only here to get rid of those villains. Angela quickly shows him his new partner, aka his BFF Sylar. And although Bennet accepts this, he’s still…

...trying to adjust.

...trying to adjust in his own way.

Across the pond continent, we see Hiro & Ando tracing the thieving fast-girl, henceforth known as Daphne, to Berlin. Whilst she has already given away the first half of the ‘world-destroying’ formula, she’s here to get the second half. Being the cocky bitch ‘overconfident nemesis’ that she is, she lets Hiro & Ando in on the whole plan. You know, I’ not fond of new characters in Heroes who have an irritating super power that just prolongs pre-set plans (of our heroes), and Daphne sure as hell needs a good spanking. Seems like…

...Ando is thinking along the same lines.

...Ando is thinking along the same lines.

Back to the US again, and we see Peter/ Jesse and his gang breaking into a bank. Although the heist was successful…

...this d00d...

...this d00d...

…needs revenge on Bennet, and not money. And if anybody defies him, he simply punches a hole through them. Literally.

Cut across to Africa, and we find out that Parkman’s saviour is in fact related to Isaac can draw like Isaac. Unlike Isaac though, he doesn’t need drugs, just some music on his walkman (which I hoping is not Britney Spears). Oh, and he…

...has drawn Matts entire life to date.

...has drawn Matt's entire life to date.

Back to where the action’s at, we see the latest and greatest…

...crime fighting duo.

...crime fighting duo.

It’s strange how Sylar came over to the ‘good’ side. I suppose Angela is right, in that Sylar needs guidance, lest he be consumed by his hunger for powers. ‘Structure’ is what Noah can give him. Let’s see how long before he turns back to his old ways.

We then see Tracy come to her own funeral Nikki’s funeral, where she…

...meets Micah.

...meets Micah.

However, the boy genius isn’t fooled, and realises immediately that Tracy isn’t his mom. After a brief conversation, Tracy decides to leave him when Micah let’s her know that she and his mother were both born at the same time and place, by the same doctor (online medical records FTW!) So does that mean that Niki, Jessica and Tracy were triplets? Or did Jessica never physically exist?

Back in Berlin, the gap between Hiro & Ando is quite apparent.

I just hope that Ando’s conversion into villainy isn’t as cliched as I’m thinking.

Back to the dynamic duo, Noah leads the charge into the bank with all the bad guys eagerly awaiting him. Although Peter tries to save him after finally figuring out Jesse’s lame powers, he couldn’t do much when…

...future-Peter stops time and takes him to the future.

...future-Peter stops time and takes him....to the future.

Confused? So was Noah. Predictably Sylar comes into save him, making for…

...an amusingly awkward scene.

...an amusingly awkward scene.

Speaking of amusing scenes, Claire’s real biological mother gives her a little training after Claire refuses to go to school and adoptive real mother forces her otherwise. Emo-teen defiance also FTW! The ‘training’ took place inside a container. With fire. Needless to say that…

....things got a bit hot.

....things got a bit hot.

Still, it’s rather interesting to see the clash of motherly love…

...between these two.

...between these two...

…and how they’ll blame themselves and each other once Claire is out of their control.

Back to Tracy, and she visits the doctor who attended her birth (and Nikki’s). Turns out…

...he created them.

...he created them.

Ooh, interesting. Very interesting.

Back in Africa, we see Matt begin the final leg of his…

...Spirit Walk.

...Spirit Walk.

And finally, we see Noah tell his old partner, aka The Haitian, that he’s only teaming up with Sylar to…

...find his weakness and then kill him.

...find out his weakness and then kill him.

Now normally I would’ve laughed off such childish claims, but given Noah’s track record of supreme badassery throughout the previous seasons, I’m confident that he’s the only person who can actually kill Sylar.

And on that enthusiastic note…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!

2 Responses to “Heroes Season 3 Ep 3”

  1. October 6, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    I thought this episode was overall better than the previous two. Hopefully there will be some Claire VS. “bad people” scenes. She’s been a quite boring\weak character lately.

  2. 2 th
    October 6, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    True, and I was sort of glad they didn’t show Mohinder this week :p It’d be interesting to see a showdown between Claire and Sylar, wherein Sylar has become ‘good’ and Claire, on her path of revenge, has become ‘bad’.

    Also, maybe future-Peter vs Peter?

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