One Piece Episode 373 Review


This week’s episode begins with the Rolling Pirates rejoicing that they have finally obtained freedom from Moria’s wrath. But, the Rolling Pirates had still not got their shadows back. The only way to do that was to wake Moria up and force him to order all the shadows back to their respective masters. Suddenly, Oz stands back up as if the attack had no effect on him at all.

However, the Strawhat Pirates all get back on their feet, from Luffy to Brook, and prepare for a final attack on Oz. As Luffy is exhausted from the last attack, he asks Brook to take him up to the top of the building. Meanwhile, Franky and Usopp had been creating a weapon for the counter-attack. With the help of Robin, Brook takes Luffy to the top. Nami begins the attack with her “Rain Tempo,” with Franky assisting her by firing freezing cold air to trap Oz.

Sanji then catches Oz with the chain from the helm of the ship. Zoro attacks Oz, who is now unable to move, and injures him. Sanji then reclines the chain so that Oz’s spine is now straight, so as to take fatal damage. Finally, Luffy is thrown by Brook for the final attack. Luffy, now activates “Gears Third” to increase his arms’ size and to smash Oz’s face from above with a Giant Bazooka, breaking his spine and finally defeating him.

Moments later, to everbody’s suprise, Moria gets out of Oz’s stomach. Dawn is just about to break and the Strawhat’s are faced with another target.  Moria then prepares for his ultimate technique, Shadow Asgard, to defeat the Strawhat Pirates. By sucking up all of the shadows of all of the zombies on Thriller Bark, totaling one thousand shadows, Moria becomes a grotesque monster, as big as Oz in size with short spindly legs, gigantic arms, and a huge bloated neck pulsating with veins.

Overall, this episode was not as epic as it could have been and the excitement what One Piece creates during their fight scenes, was not felt. There were some new techniques seen such as Zoro’s “Three Sword Style – Three Thousand Worlds.” Moria’s Shadow Asgard was beautifully animated and that was on of the key things that made this episode worth watching.

There was a new(or should I say, old) opening theme. It was, once again, “We Are” but a remixed version. Personally, I didn’t like this version and I felt they could have done something better as this is the third time One Piece is using the same OP.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!

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