One Piece Episode 374 Review

With Moria turning into a big monster and dawn just around the corner, what will the Strawhat Pirates do?

One Piece returns this week with Moria having taken in one thousand shadows with his ultimate technique, Shadow Asgard. With all hope lost, the Rolling Pirates begin panicking due to the shortage of time as dawn is just around the corner. The Strawhat Pirates stand back up to face off Moria one last time. The light of the sun starts to incinerate anyone without a shadow.

Luffy begins fighting Moria, entering Gear Second in the process. He starts attacking with the famous “Jet Bazooka” and keeps going at it. This helps release some of the shadows, but not enough to defeat Moria and save everybody.

Moria then attacks and traps Luffy by ordering numerous “brick bats” to attack and immobilize him by trapping him in a shadow box. Moria then attacks Luffy with a devastating blow, but he manages to continue fighting. Luffy then activates Gears Third while Gears Second is still active, which surprises the whole crew.

Even though it gives him immeasurable strength, the recklessness of activating Gears Third is so great, that it immobilizes Luffy after being used. With a new technique, Gomu Gomu no Jet Shell, Luffy knocks Moria under the collapsing mast of Thriller Bark and forces him to release all of his shadows just as dawn arrives.

The crew of the Rolling Pirates and the Strawhat Pirates start celebrating their victory over Moria. But their happiness is soon shattered as all the people whose shadows had been stolen, begin to vanish.

Summarizing the review, this episode was better than the last two episodes of One Piece as it picks up the pace. The episode did not feel as dragged as the last few. There were some epic moments such as the heads of Zoro, Sanji, Luffy and Robin vanishing, which looked brilliant. Overall, a nice set up for the end of this arc.

Animation quality was a step forward comparing it with the old One Piece episodes as well. The Opening theme remains the same.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!

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