One Piece Episode 375 Review


One Piece returns this week with Moria having being defeated by the Strawhat Pirates. But just as they defeated Moria, the sun rises and begins extinguishing Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Sanji’s bodies. All of Moria’s victims are then shown, recovering their shadow and celebrating regaining their ability to enter daylight. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Robin recover their shadows in time to avoid being disintegrated.

Luffy lies unconscious from his wounds and using Gear Second against Moria. Usopp worries about him endangering himself by having to use the technique on the stronger enemies ahead. It is also revealed that the old man that was seen before in the beginning of this arc, was the leader of victims who were on Thriller Bark. They all then bow down to show their gratitude for the Strawhat Pirates.

Nami then remembers Kuma the Tyrant, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, was also present on the island. Kuma is seen sitting on top, receiving orders from the World Government. Everyone begins to panic as he is known for his inhuman brutality. The World Government orders Kuma to kill everyone on Thriller Bark to cover up for Moria’s defeat.

The Strawhat crew are alarmed as they were throughly weakened due to the fight against Moria. Nami reveals that Kuma has the power of teleporting from places and also making people vanish by just a single touch, as seen in his fight against Perona, the Hollow-Hollow fruit user. He attacks the survivors with a strange move that sends several people flying backwards. Zoro then stands up to fight against him, as Luffy was weakened by the use of Gears Second.

Summarizing the review, this episode was pretty slow in terms of plot progression. There was nothing epic other than the entry of Kuma. There was a new move of Kuma that was shown which was animated beautifully. Other than that, nothing really happens in this episode other than Moria’s victims getting their shadows back. The opening theme remained the same.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!

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