Review: Gears of War 2 (Campaign)


Does the game bring enough to the table to live up to the insanely high expectations of gamers around the world?   deculture finds out after the break.

To be abrupt, Epic Games has proven that the company really deserves the name Epic as they have delivered a phenomenal sequel to a game that many believed was the pinnacle of gaming at that time.

Developer Epic Games has certainly been quick and efficient in assuring that fans of the series shouldn’t have to wait long to play out the fate of the Coalition Army on the planet Sera, as GoW 2 arrives exactly two years after the first GoW. Returning to the forefront of the engaging story are the protagonists Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago who, after defeating the Locust General RAAM in the previous game, have returned to Jacinto city, the last surviving Human Capital. After regrouping with their comrades alongside the rebuilt Coalition Army, they take the battle back to the Locusts own home.


GoW 2 comes into the scene with a revamped multiplayer mode involving a 5 on 5 versus experience, and a wealth of new options, including the new and much anticipated Horde mode.  With such a wide variety of modes available, multiplayer in GoW 2 should exceed expectations ten-fold.  Expect a review in the following days, as my colleagues and I look to have an in-depth review of our experiences online for you guys to read.

With the wealth of options in multiplayer, people usually expect the single player experience to be watered-down as much focus is put on different aspects of the game.  This is not the case with GoW 2.  The story continues where the first one left off, and puts the players right in the middle of the fight with new weapons, updated graphics and an engaging story of friendship, love, war and hate.  The COG have returned to Jacinto city to continue the fight with the Locusts, who have begun to push forward their plot to overthrow the Human race above and take over the planet Sera.  A new addition to this story is Dominic Santiago’s search for his wife Maria who disappeared during the first war.  The COG have received information of her possible whereabouts and set out to locate her while fighting the Locust.


Epic Games have implemented the same formula used in the first game proving that one shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken.  GoW 2 provides an enhanced experience with better graphics, better frame rate, better sound, better guns and better fights as the game mixes new elements into the sequel with ease.  It’s almost as if GoW 2 is the game Gears of War should have been.  With the inclusion of new weapons such as the highly coveted flamethrower and the inclusion of more Locust specific weapons, the game ends up being a more engaging experience than the first.  The single player experience has been lengthened and follows the same structure as the first, where players will battle through 5 acts, each consisting up to 6 chapters.  This provides for an experience ranging between 6- 10 hours depending on the difficulty one chooses to play on.


The game is officially out in stores today, and is already atop my list for Game of The Year; with only few games releasing soon that may have what it takes to dethrone this Epic game.  I’d suggest any Xbox360 owner to pick up this game without hesitation as it will surely prove to be the best gaming investment for many months to come.  If you don’t own an Xbox360 already, you should buy one just for this game!

For the Hardcore and Casual Gamer: BUY IT NOW!

See you next deculture!

See you next deculture!

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