Around Dubai…


…and Hatsune Miku, bringing you the wrath!

Yes, this one’s been a long time comming.

dsc00314To be more precise, this is Max Factory’s Figma: Character Vocal Series 01, Hatsune Miku.

So today, or rather yesterday a very special game came out. I mean, more special than usual.


And even though I wanted it, I didn’t need it. Or maybe I did? Either way, the decision was made as soon as I saw the Collector’s Edition!

Do Want!

Do Want!

Yes, there she is, in all her glory!

Wrath of The Lich King's Collector's Edition!

Wrath of The Lich King baby!

Got it for AED 339 (GBP 62 or USD 92) This was the EU edition, so don’t act smart all those who got their $70 from US. Interestingly, ebay prices are now ranging between $150 to $300!

Thankfully, I had my ride to take me all over Dubai in search of the CE.

There she is. Nothing fancy.

There she is. Nothing fancy.

Oh, and tonight I left my office late, so I thought I’d take some night shots.

I work on the 40th floor.

I work on the 40th floor.

One of these days I’ll sneak the camera up there and take a pic of the surrounding areas. Sunset looks unbelievable from up there! Anyways, to give you guys a sense of the scale…


…my car in the foreground, and on the far left would be Burj Dubai. Wonder how long till construction is completely finished.

Doesn’t matter though, all I care about…

...is this!

...is this!

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