Bleach Episode 195 Review


The Ultimate Union!

Bleach returns this week with Neliel calling out her sword, Gamuza. Her released form is that of a white centaur. Neliel then attacks Nnoitra, completely overpowering him and thus breaking his sword. Meanwhile, Pesche and Dondochakka fight Szayel, using their Bawabawa.  Pesche takes out his sword, Ultima, as he lands a strike on Szayel, which suprises both Renji and Ishida.


Szayel then orders the two fraccion behind him to attack Bawabawa, and decides to fight Pesche and Dondochakka himself. As the two fraccion close in on Bawabawa, Dondochakka takes out his club to help out and takes them out with one swing. Pesche then informs Szayel that they throughout their time away from Las Noches, they have been training to protect Nel and defeat her opponents. Pesche and Dondochakka use their ultimate attack, “Cero Sincrecito”, a combination of Dondochakka and Pesche’s cero.


The attack by Neliel had penentrated Nnoitra’s skin and had him weakened. This seemed to be the end for Nnoitra, but as Neliel progresses to lay the final blow, she returns to her child form. The fight returns back in favour of Nnoitra. Ichigo rushes to save Nel, but is overpowered by Nnoitra. As Neliel was their last ray of hope, Nnoitra decides to switch places with Tesla.


Tesla calls out his sword, Verruga, and transforms into a minotaur type creature. Ichigo then gets severely beaten by Tesla, while Orihime is held back by Nnoitra and is forced to watch her friend. On the other hand, Pesche and Dondochakka’s Cero creates a huge explosion but misses Szayel, as he analyses the attack right before it struck him. He says that the attack was powerful enough to defeat him, but didn’t work as they gave him ample amount of time to seperate it.


Zommari Leroux, the seventh Espada, is then seen standing beside the defeated Aaroniero, looking at the weakened Rukia. Chad is also confronted by the Exequias leader. Ichigo is still getting beaten by Tesla. Right before Telsa deals the final blow to Ichigo, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki saves him.


Overall, this Bleach episodes was one of the better fighting episodes of the Hueco Mundo arc. The fights were well built up by the previous episodes and it showed. It felt like the good old days, when the Bleach fights actually felt epic. The ending too was pretty awesome with the entry of Zaraki Kenpachi, one of the most kick-ass characters of this show.

The animation quality was at its best, as the attacks were very well animated, especially the Cero Sincrecito. Nel’s transformation into her released form was also well executed. The background music blended well with the scenes, which helped increasing the intensity.

And on that note,

See you next deculture!

See you next deculture!


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