Bleach Episode 196 Review


The strongest shinigami join the battle.

Bleach returns this week with Ichigo being saved by Kenpachi, just before he was hit by the final blow. Ichigo finds it difficult to believe that Soul Society actually sent reinforcements and they were saved. Just as Tesla advances to attack, Nnoitra realizes Kenpachi’s strength. Kenpachi defeats Tesla with one blow and tells Ichigo to stay out of his fight with Nnoitra.


It is revealed that because of Urahara Kisuke, they was able to enter Hueco Mundo. He informs Ichigo that Urahara was tasked with making the Garganta into Hueco Mundo stable enough for the 4 captains to enter. Mayuri Kurotsuchi is then seen at Szayel Aporro’s battle with Renji and Ishida. Retsu Unohana arrives with Isane Kotetsu are seen to have arrived at where Chad lay unconscious, and thirdly, Byakuya arrives to save Rukia.


Unohana then says that they are simply in Hueco Mundo to heal injuries, and will not attack until they have been forced to. She persuades the Exequias to leave before healing Gantenbaine and Chad. Byakuya learns that Zommari wasn’t the one who knocked out Rukia, but was going to finish her off. Elsewhere, Zaraki begins his fight with Nnoitra.


Threats are passed between Szayel and Kurotsuchi. On the other hand, after much talk, Zommari and Byakuya begin their battle. Zommari has the ability to create clones of himself through sheer speed. Zaraki, on the other hand, is not holding back one bit against Nnoitra, and is pretty much enjoying himself. Zommari also reveals that his “sonido” is the fastest among the Espada. Byakuya attacks, only to find himself slicing clones.


Suddenly, with a gush of power, Nnoitra begins to overpower Kenpachi. Szayel attacks Kurotsuchi and creates a doll replica of him. Byakuya is pinned by Zommari, as he was cornered by 5 of Zommari’s clones. When all hope is lost, the captains still remain confident that they can defeat their respective opponents. Zaraki could not control his excitement, as at last, he had found a worthy opponent. Byakuya manages to save himself with a technique that Yoruichi taught him, a technique he swore never to use.


Overall, this episode wasn’t as epic as it could have been, considering the setup last week’s episode had created. The first half of the episode lacked the intensity, but it really picked up pace after. Bleach is really going somewhere with the story, as now the captains have become involved in the fight in Hueco Mundo. As the creators had to show the arrival of 3 captains, there wasn’t any particular focus on just one fight. This is probably the reason it lacked the intensity.

Animation quality was a standard, as there wasn’t any new technique or ability showcased. The music was pretty decent.

And on that note,

See you next deculture!

See you next deculture!

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  1. 1 suraj
    June 21, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Can anybody tell me the name of the song played during Kenpachi vs Nnoitra , when both of them introduce themselves to the opponent… thanks in advance

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