Heroes Season 3 Ep 10


Lulz were had.

So we knew from last week’s episode that something big was gonna happen in episode 10. Most of you correctly guessed that this week we’ll see the powers vanishing once the eclipse appears.

The basic gist of this episode is how the main charaters interact with each other as everyone is becoming more and more vunerable.

We start off with Angela essentially giving orders to the “good guys” on what to do next. Parkman & Daphne have to find Hiro and Nathan & Peter have to find The Haitian. Peter, of course, is giddy with excitement coz after losing his powers, he get’s…

...to piggyback on Nathan.

...to piggyback on Nathan.

Mohinder freaks out when he realises that it’s getting late every minute he isn’t cured that he won’t be able to revert back to his ‘normal’ self again. Arthur gives him a quick peptalk explaining that it won’t matter either way, as once the eclipse hits…

...theyre all done for.

...they're all done for.

Turns out Hiro Ando is the one who manages to find Parkman and co. instead of the other way round. Things aren’t looking so well however, as ‘young’ Hiro can only talk in Japanese. Suffice to say that things looked…

...rather wierd.

...rather wierd.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Angela paired Claire with dear old dad. The two now seem to be having a typical heart to heart about…

...the complexities of their family.

...the complexities of their family.

Arthur sends in his new pair to counter Angela’s, with Sylar and Elle in search of father and daughter. And just like the latter, things aren’t going…

...so smooth between these two either.

...so smooth between these two either.

So the eclipse finally happens and Mohinder…

...wakes up from his beauty sleep...

...wakes up from his beauty sleep...

…to find his physical ailments completely cured! And such is the case with everyone else when they discover that they have absolutely…


Half way across the continent we see the two brothers clashing against each other as their…

...insecurities finally surface.

...insecurities finally surface.

A more serious tragedy occurs back in US when Sylar & Elle try to ambush Claire & Mr. Bennett. Although their attack was utterly foiled by Mr. Bennett, the…

...inevitable occurs.

...inevitable still occurs.

Leaving Parkman to deal with the irritating Daphne and her low self esteem,  Hiro and Ando go ahead to a local comic book store to find the latest issue of Isaac’s manga. Because, of course, with that…


You know, with all of these issues out, Isaac is turning out to be better than Tupac. See what I did there.

Anyways Nathan & Peter do manage to find The Haitian, or rather the other way round. Turns out The Haitian’s big bro is some hotshot warlord in his country, and when Nathan decides to act all brave and shit, he get’s caught. Coz he was the target. This leaves the two younger brothers…

...completely baffled.

...completely baffled.

The last few minutes of this episode show us that without their powers, our Heroes (and Villains) are quite pathetic, and would otherwise have been an utterly boring bunch to follow. If anything, the loss of their powers signifies more than anything how…

...badass Mr. Bennett really is!

...badass Mr. Bennett really is!

As usual, we know that he will either miss, or not shoot at all. A stupid ploy to leave audience in a faux cliffhanger, but atleast it looks good :p

It would really suck now if everyone didn’t get their powers by the next episode. However, what would really blow me away is that the normal people close to our Heroes/Villains get their powers instead. Now this is a very far fetched idea. So how’s about this for a change, everybody gets each others powers!

And on that wildly optimistic note…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!

4 Responses to “Heroes Season 3 Ep 10”

  1. 1 newKlear1
    December 1, 2008 at 9:57 am

    once again… a good review… a crappy episode…
    was so happy when claire got shot… no more “I don’t feel pain” dialogues from her 😛

  2. 2 szafar
    December 1, 2008 at 11:03 am

    hahahah ^^ totally, emo piece of crap.

  3. 3 john funters
    December 1, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    This show sucks!!1

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