Bleach Episode 197 Review


Byakuya’s Bankai!

Bleach returns this week with the captains from Soul Society, arriving at Hueco Mundo. Byakuya and Zommari have begun their battle. Byakuya doesn’t consider Zommari as an equal in combat, which upsets Zommari, leading him to release his sword, Brujeria. Zommari’s released form causes him to grow eyes all over his body.


Zommari advances, and marks Byakuya’s left leg, with his eye. It is then revealed that Brujeria’s ability is to steal the sovereignty away from whatever it’s eyes gaze upon. As he now controls Byakuya’s left leg, Byakuya cuts his leg, seperating the nerves in his leg from the muscles. This prevents Zommari from moving it. Zommari then attacks Rukia, but Byakuya saves her due to his speed.


Byakuya and Zommari are then joined by Hanatarou, who is asked to take Rukia away as Byakuya is letting his powers loose. Elsewhere, Unohana and her vice-captain had begun healing Chad. Kurotsuchi and Zaraki were also letting their powers loose on their enemies. Zaraki and Nnoitra were fighting on equal footing. It is revealed that Byakuya had gotten marked upon, while trying to save Rukia. He then severes his left arm and renders it useless. But, Zommari had gained control over Rukia’s head, which gives him control over her body. Hanatarou is then attacked by Rukia.


Byakuya is demanded to surrender under the threat of making Rukia kill herself. Byakuya immobilizes Rukia with kido, which pressurizes Zommari, as Byakuya now has the upper hand. He then unleashes his Bankai, and scatters the blades around, pinning Zommari. Zommari attacks are useless, as his eyes can only gain control of one object. But he cannot control over one hundred million blades covering the sky, which results in his loss.


Summarizing the review, this wasn’t the greatest of Bleach episodes that has been released, and certainly not one of their epic battle episodes. In fact, the episode seemed to lack soul and couldn’t reach me as a viewer. The fight seemed to have been rushed, so the story can move on to the other fights. Even the attacks were not well animated, which was pretty disappointing. In my opinion, they could have animated Zommari’s sword release far better.

Animation quality was below standard, considering this is a Bleach episode. The music was decent enough to support the fight.

And on that note,

See you next, deculture!

See you next, deculture!


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