Heroes Season 3 Ep 12


Pulling at the heartstrings.

The episode begins 16 years in the past, when Hiro brought Claire to the day and place when she was given to her father. Two key elements at play here are how these two will intervene their past to fashion the present.

So first off, we get to see Hiro’s mother for the first time…


And damn that young Hiro reminds me of Danny Choo!

Oh and it seems I got a little ahead of myself last week. Apparently Elle really is dead. And Sylar says his…

...his last goodbye.

...last goodbye.

It is here that he promises his “father” that he will come and get him.

Angela on the other hand is preparing the real son to…

...get his father.

...get his father.

Nathan, as we saw last week, decides to join his father, and here he is…

...accepting his fate.

...fulfilling his destiny.

True to his word, Sylar is getting new powers to get back at Arthur by paying a friendly visit to Sarah Palin Sue Landers, no relationship with Niki Sanders. Although, they both do look awfully familiar, in that…

...artificially beautiful sort of way.

...artificially beautiful sort of way.

Meanwhile, Claire pays her parents a visit as well. And although it seemed at first that she…

...might make things worse...

...might make things worse...

…she manages to get a hold of the situation by convincing (the then young) Mr. Bennett to not answer to The Company, and therefore avoiding baby Claire becoming the ‘catalyst’. Things worked well on her end as well as Hiro’s, who finally met his mother…


Even at the end of her life, Mrs. Nakamura manages to restore Hiro’s memory and make him the catalyst (instead of Claire).

All for naught apparently, as Arthur rears his evil head to…

...take it all away.

...take it all away.

And he did, also, coming back to the present day and managing to successfully create the formula. How he got in the past at the right moment and the right time, I have no frickin’ idea!

Speaking of plot holes, remember in the previous episode when Matt and Co. were about to begin their hunt for Isaac’s last edition? Well…

...they got it.

...they got it.

Joke’s on Arthur though, coz Peter grew a pair and finally…

...pulls the trigger on Arthur!

...pulls the trigger on him!

We all know the old man…

...had it coming for a long time!

...had it coming for a long time!

And if you, for any reason, feel…



...dont be.

...don't be.

Even though Arthur dies (?), his legacy lives on as the formula was…

...a resounding success.

...a resounding success.

And the first person in the world to get his powers from the new formula is…

...a deranged ex-marine redneck.

...a deranged ex-marine redneck.

And on that ludicrous note…

...see you next, deculture!

...see you next, deculture!

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