Naruto Shippuuden Episode 86-87 Review



Firstly, thousand apologies for the lateness, someday I was sick, other days I was having issues with my internet, and other days I was just lazy. Irrespective, we finally have it. The Naruto Shippuden Review 86-87 😀 ….

The episode starts with Shikamaru’s ass almost on the plate for Mr Hidan to drive his forks into. On the other side of the table, Kakuza is about to heartily indulge in Hatake Kakashi’s heart. Yes, quite literally.

Shikamaru’s ostensibly run out of shadow juice and Kakashi’s sharingan has run out of tricks.

A few air drills through the trees and a single fire bomb through the chest sees Kakashi pummeling down on the floor of the forest.

air drills

air drills



Kakuza takes this opportunity to jump on the ninja and begin the bypass surgery.

heart 2 heart

heart 2 heart

Inside the bushes, Hidan has completed his circle and is about to ram the bloody sword right into his chest. Shikamaru waits in horror, eyes bulging, the scar reddening, sweat pouring like rain (they didn’t show a crotch shot, or we could’ve really made out the horrors of going-to-be-dead feeling).

'say cheese'

'say cheese'

So while Hidan plunges the dagger into his own heart in delightful pleasure – across the forest – we see Kakuza get into cardiac arrest. NANDA!?

happy self hurting

happy self hurting

nigga waah?

nigga waah?

In state of awe, Kakashi and Shikamaru explain to their victims their incredible plan. Apparently, Kakashi drew out Kakuza’s blood while he performed his chidori through his heart and Shikamaru placed that blood onto Hidan’s blade for him to perform that evil Lord Jashin ritual.

Shikamaru’s luring of Hidan into the dense is made obvious, whereas Kakashi teaches Kakuza a lesson in life (after he’s killed him)

yeah dude, that!

yeah dude, that!

It seemed the fight was won. BUT NO!



The immortal Akatsuki brushes his astonishment quickly and realizes that Shikamaru’s Shadow Bind technique is loosing chakra. He advances to pierce him and finally carry out the charm on the right victim.

Kakuza is also not dead. He has to break his electrical element heart shadow and use it as replacement of his own. But he’s pissed as hell.

pissed and ugly too.

pissed and ugly too.

Infact he’s so pissed he doesn’t care about using mr. Kakashi’s brilliant heart (and thus his electrical element powers). He just grabs the trio standing in front of him from his extendable wires and creates a bombastic Fire and Wind element attack.

you see that light? thats pWnage embracing.

you see that light? thats pWnage embracing.

But then … MASAKA!

Fuuten Rasengan - Suiton Hahonriyu

Fuuten Rasengan - Suiton Hahonriyu

A water element and Rasengan attack hits the fire blast head on like so …..


In the nick of time we see a new team save Kakashi and Team Asuma’s ass. Yes, it’s the ultimate quadruple of Sai, Sakura, Yamato and NARUTOOOOOOO!!!

who's your daddy?!


The combined rasengan and wind attack blocks Kakuza’s attack.

Elsewhere, Shikamaru isn’t going to let go easy. Just as Hidan is about to bring down the weapon….


…..through our hero. Shikamaru uses the shadows created by the bomb trap lines he’s made and wraps our villain into it.

ready for christmas

ready for christmas

While Mr Hidan stands trapped looking like a half wrapped galaxy chocolate; Shikamaru opens the rest of his trump and the floor beneath the akatsuki is swept off.



Back to the 7 fools.

Kakashi sends Sai and Sakura to help Shikamaru, and Mr. Naruto and his Teacher are supposed to take down mr Kakuza; while everybody else watches.

Here we have a series of flash backs –

Sakura reminices about Shikamaru’s rejection of the 12 Guards for staying in Leaf Village to protect his friends. Even though Shikamaru doesn’t make it obvious, we know he’s as caring as anyone’s mom. Plus Asuma tells him about the WILL OF FIRE, that shall light the village some day.


In real time, he’s just about to revenge his Sensei, where he gets the spirit of Asuma. He lights his cigarette, and throws the burning zippo onto the gift wrapped Hidan.

Yallah Khallas.

Oh yeah also if Hidan does manage to keep alive, Shikamaru shall feed them to the reindeers.

I mean come on its chirstmas! 😛

At Kakuza’s end, Naruto seems evolved. Even though he hasn’t mastered the kick ass technique he was supposed to make; he’s matured. He does the Tajuu Kage Bunshin to find out the enemy’s battling techniques and gains knowledge when his clones are destroyed.

Kakashi reminisces Naruto’s training where he almost pwns his hand’s ass and his resemblance to the Fourth.

Meanwhile, Naruto’s clones are busy creating the fruits of his labour. Hitake’s jaw drops as he witnesses and exclaims that he’d die if that shit was to hit him.

Enter Shuriken no Rasengan!

What is amazing about this episode is the fact that finally you see have this nauseous feeling of the spirit of Naruto. Its so good, its almost like how Naruto used to be back in the day of the flute music. The determination in his eyes, the evolution of being and the fight of the dog! Naruto is sooooooo back sir. soooo back!

See u next deculture!


4 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden Episode 86-87 Review”

  1. 1 a patron
    December 16, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    nice review
    can see the effects of the exams wearing off
    your back on track

  2. January 17, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    I just add this page to my favorite, happen to read halfway and will continue later.

  3. 4 narutocursor
    March 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    I like the summary….a bit long but substantial and interesting.

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