Naruto Shippuuden Episode 88 Review


Naruto vs. Kakuzu

Naruto returns this episode with him developing his newly learnt jutsu, the Wind Style: Spiraling Shuriken. He then advances to attack Kakuzu, supported by his shadow clones. Choji volunteers to back him up, but is stopped by Yamato for his own safety. Naruto’s shadow clones attack Kakuzu, and catch him offguard. But his attack fizzles before he can land a hit.


As Naruto’s attack had gone out at the last second, Kakuzu captures him with his thread and progresses towards his heart. Yamato and Kakashi save Naruto by distracting Kakuzu, which gives him time to escape. Yamato reveals that his technique has to be hit head on and cannot be thrown, even though it is shaped like a shuriken. Kakuzu realises this as well, and prepares for long-ranged combat. Naruto gets back up and says that he needs one more try to defeat him. But his teammates deny it and say that he does not need to cross a dangerous bridge. Naruto convinces them that many believe that he is the one that can surpass the fourth Hokage. And to grow further, this is an important step that he must take alone, or else, he will never be able to grow up and reach Sasuke’s level.


Meanwhile, Sakura and Sai are lead by Pakkun, to Shikamaru’s battle with Hidan. After literally blasting Hidan to pieces, Hidan still threatens Shikamaru that he will indeed come back at him. This does not affect Shikamaru and he sets an explosive tag to fill in the hole containing Hidan’s broken body and still screaming head. A few minutes later, after his victory over Hidan, he is joined by Sakura and Sai. They were suprised to hear that he was able to defeat an Akatsuki member all by himself. They then head back to the others.


Naruto again readies a Spiraling Shuriken, preparing his second attack on Kakuzu. He advances to attack, but as Kakuzu realised that his attack was only possible at short-ranged, he jumps, to create a distance between them and attacks the one with the Spiraling Shuriken attack. But, little did he know that it was a decoy, Kakuzu takes that bait and gets attacked from above. Naruto lands a direct hit with a second Spiraling Shuriken. The attack is so strong that a huge blast is created, covering a huge radius. The attack suprises everybody, especially Kakashi, to see how strong and well Naruto has grown up to be. This marks the end of both Hidan and Kakuzu.


Overall, this episode carries on the epicness of last week and does much more. The viewers are shown how well Naruto has progressed and how he uses his mind to defeat his opponents. It marks the beginning of a new, more mature Naruto. The speech Naruto delivers of how he has to grow and take up challenges himself, was one of the most pumping-up moments the viewers of Naruto have seen. I can, without a doubt, say this fight against Hidan and Kakuzu, was on the same level as was the fight of Lee and Gaara back in the day.

Unlike Bleach, the animation quality of this episode was pretty awesome, and it fully justified the fight. It was well animated with fluid scenes and great music to amp up the intensity of this episode. As written in the previous episode review by my friend, and here I quote, “Naruto is sooooooo back sir. soooo back!”

And on that brilliant note,

See you next deculture!

See you next deculture!

3 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden Episode 88 Review”

  1. January 17, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Hi there, spend quite a while to finish reading this article, happy 2010 too

  2. 3 narutocursor
    March 5, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Whatever jutsu is involved, Naruto can deliver well. He is a quick learner when he is determined to learn.

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