Naruto Shippuuden Episode 89 Review


The inevitable price

Naruto returns this week with his battle been won against Kakuzu. Naruto is unable to get up as the new technique had put a lot of strain on his body. Kakashi now has inner happiness that as at last, he had surpassed him. It was Naruto’s generation that would be soon taking over Kakashi’s and now he felt at ease about that. Kakashi finishes off the wounded Kakuzu, and they return home. Back in Konoha, the team returns to Tsunade’s office. Tsunade at once observes Naruto’s injury and feels uneasy about it. Tsunade then dismisses them, advicing to rest due to the coming battles they may have to face against the Akatsuki.


On their way home, Shikamaru stays behind and says that he has something to catch-up with. He makes his way to Asuma’s grave. He meets Kurenai there. Shikamaru tells Kurenai he will teach her unborn child, as he too wanted to be like Asuma. Later, he is seen playing Shogi with his father. During the game, he remembers what Asuma told him about the King of Konoha. He reveals what Asuma told him: the king that Konoha must protect is the next generation.


Back at the hospital, Sakura is seen treating Naruto. Naruto’s bone had fractured in multiple fragments. She too feels that his body cannot handle the new technique. Elsewhere, Sasuke is seen practicing his chidori on training dolls. Orochimaru is in the knowing of Hidan and Kakuzu’s defeat and is impressed by Naruto. He then orders Kabuto to bring a certain someone to his hideout. Back in Konoha, Kakashi,Yamato and Tsunade are seen in the autopsy room. After studying Kakuzu’s corpse, it is revealed that main injury was not blunt physical trauma. Every cell in his body had had its chakra vessels severed. Tsunade tells Kakashi not to let Naruto use Rasen-Shuriken again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate chakra.


Kabuto is seen travelling to meet up with the person he was ordered to. On his way, he is attacked, but as his skills are not bad, he evades all of the attacks. The woman he was supposed to meetup with was Guren. Back at the hospital of Konoha, Sakura patches up Naruto and tells him to use the new technique as a last resort. Naruto also feels that they are gaining on Sasuke’s trail.


Overall, this was the typical post-battle Naruto episode, where there is something new learnt about the defeated. A decent episode in terms of plot. There was a glimpse of the evil side, which was pretty nice to see after a long time. The side effects of Naruto’s new technique had been learnt which was kind of predictable. Also, a new character named Guren has been let loose in the world of Naruto.

Animation quality was a standard, as there was nothing extra-ordinary to showcase. The music was as always good.

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