So now what?


It’s easy for me to just say ‘Burn the critics’ when their views don’t agree with mine. But is there any way for us to change this situation and  reach a peaceful solution? Well…sort of.

After having read comments from all over the place, I was wondering why do we all complain (in general)? Critics exist to present a view that many will not agree with (especially the fans of the subject being reviewed). And we are the one’s who put them there.

The modern society is such where we can’t live without the bad things. While this can be applied to almost all aspects of life, my context here is strictly of visual entertainment. We, the fans, actually want someone to disagree with our beliefs. Otherwise life will just be colourfully sweet, yet artificial and dull. So we like a little opposition. And when that happens, out comes the troll within us and we start flaming the “critic”. It’s fun…

...and we like it.

...and we like it.

So what happens is that we all like something, and along comes someone to rain on our parade with their “critical” view of the subject. This ‘someone’ is outside of the fanbase, so their view must be objective right? And this ‘someone’ was also appointed by us, the people and not necessarily the fans, to keep our enthusiasm in check. And so the hating and the flaming begins. Fans keep on defending their choices, and often not in any insightful manner at all. While the “critic” rides his/ her high horse of objectivity on the track of vast knowledge (of the subject). The vicious cycle continues. Everybody is happy, everybody has a purpose.


But we, the savvy interwebs crowd, are above such trickery. We are not the people who are lured into the cunning words and tricky review systems the mass market reads in newspapers and mags. We know better. Which is why we get information from the vast and never-ending resources of the interwebs. We try to understand everything and sample the goods ourselves, because it’s pretty much free, and then decide whether we like it or not.

Then I don’t understand why this hating continues when we all have our own opinions? The problem here is not really the critic who would trash high profile animes just to create controversy and therefore get more hits. The problem is us, the interwebs so called savvy crowd, who are still so easily lured into this trap. We debate and we bitch, but…

...to no end.

...to no end.

We can’t change how critics around the world shape their opinions. They do what they are paid to do, create controversy. So we have to change ourselves. Well not really change, just be a little more open minded and flexible. Before we get aggravated, we should just take a look around us instead of having wild emotional shifts whenever we see one popular site going against our opinions. This is why blogs came up. So that different people can express different and more insightful views rather than us just going to one major review site and have our own opinion skewed before we even experienced the goods!

So fuck critics, still!

So fuck critics, still!


1 Response to “So now what?”

  1. 1 Kairu Ishimaru
    December 24, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    .. Critics will always be critics. ;_;

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