A whole year passed already?!


I was commenting on kairu’s blog about how the first episode of Macross Frontier aired in December of last year. Then it hit me that it actually aired in the year before last. So a full year has gone by already?!

Back then, I remember being completely blown the shit away by Macross Frontier’s first episode. It was epic and romantic in a way I haven’t seen in animes since ages. Of course, over the course of 2008 we saw how things actually panned out. Not dissapointing in the least, but Macross Frontier wasn’t the end all be all mecha anime I was hoping it would be either.


So there were many many animes people were looking forward to, some of these I did too, most I didn’t. I’ll make this brief since many of you will be tired from all the new year’s celebrations as well. Here goes:

Best anime of 2008 – Code Geass R2

For all its train wreck potential and bajillion plot twists, Code Geass R2 remains the best of the best simply because the characters were so damn good! The story, well let’s not open that can of worms. But you have to admit, the stupid doses of fun, lulz and OMGs that were had in this anime, none other provided in 2008. So for sheer entertainment, Code Geass R2 is my favourite anime of last year.


Best new anime Soul Eater

There were two series I was really looking forward to this year, and both were from studio Bones. Xam’d: Lost memories and Soul Eater. The latter seemed so childish I almost ignored it at first. However, I had a gut feeling to give it a chance. After all, Gurren Lagann seemed childish at first too. And I was just as much impressed by and enjoyed Soul Eater as much as I was dissapointed and repulsed by Xam’d. Where Xam’d seemed to try too hard to be another Eureka 7, Soul Eater was self-indulgent in action, comedy and a good story whenever and wherever it needed to.


Biggest disappointment of 2008same old shit nothing memorable

2007 gave us Gurren Lagann, 2006 gave us Haruhi.  And what apart from recycled moe,  fanservice, fillers and generic mediocrity did we get this year? Yes, there were a few gems here and there, like Library wars, but in general nothing to write home about. Granted I have not followed each and every series that came out this year for a couple of episodes to pass my own judgement, but can someone recommend me a genuinely good series without being a fanboy/girl of that genre? Since most animes nowadays are sadly still stuck in ‘moe gear’, the only anime I’m able watch of late that had an abundance of it is To Aru Majutsu. Even here though, my interest is waning. It would be selfish of me to expect the industry to dish out epics every year, but come on! We didn’t even have anything close to the likes of Death Note or Black Lagoon. And then the anime industry cries over poor sales and falling tv ratings. Just make good shit and people will want it. Case in point, Dark Knight.


Biggest surprises of 2008Crunchyroll

I was simply delighted to hear about the deals Gonzo and ADV struck with Crunchyroll to bring about animes to near simultaneous releases. Sure, the current system is far from perfect, but many steps were taken in the right direction. Unlike the music industry that cowered and then retaliated (with epic fail I might add), I’m glad the anime industry is working towards a bright future with the fans in mind.


Looking forward in 2009to be pleasantly surprised

Going through AniDB’s calendar for the beginning of this year, all I see are more goddamn sequels! Still hope remains, for something crazy, something epic, something memorable and something legendary.

Time will tell.

Time will tell.

3 Responses to “A whole year passed already?!”

  1. 1 Kairu Ishimaru
    January 3, 2009 at 7:57 am

    “Biggest surprises of 2008 – Crunchyroll”
    Seconded. I remember Crunchyroll being the ‘main’ topic in /a/. Wow.

  2. 3 nathy
    January 14, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Maka est trop belle dans l’ image soul eater ❤

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