Bleach 201 – review


Yer off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!

So, last year we saw that Zaraki got pierced by Nnoitra. But not really, Zaraki was just fooling around. And so he properly fought Nnoitra.


In fact, he even managed to cut Nnoitra as a nice ‘warmup’ session.


After a few consecutive cuts, Nnoitra finally comprehends Zaraki’s prowess.


He actually got so desperate, that he attacked Zaraki’s eye. Unfortunately for him, he missed and got the eye patch instead, thus sealing his fate.


Zaraki then proceeds to slash him with all his power, unintentionally I might add. Before shit could hit the fan however, Nnoitra finally releases his sword.


After revealing his true form, Nnoitra’s confident in his abilities and that his swanky new arms will lead him to victory.


And so the two start fighting with their fully released forms hacking and slashing their way into each other.


At one point, Nnoitra gets the upper hand and he manages to slash Zaraki badly enough to kill him. But not really, Zaraki was just fooling around. And so he properly fought Nnoitra. Again.


And just when it seemed that Zaraki had the upper hand, Nnoitra performs and underhanded trick. He had six freaking arms, and manages to pierce Zaraki!


But not really, Zaraki was just fooling around. And so he properly fought Nnoitra. We’ll find out how this exhilirating battle concludes in the next episode.


See what’s happening here folks? Ok, first off, the title image for this post was from a flashback that happened mid-episode where Zaraki was remembering the time he took off his eye patch for the first time (in the show). That was episode 39 entitled ‘Immortal Man’ which aired in early July 2005. That was when he and Ichigo fought each other in their completely released forms. That was an epic fight, this is not.Three and half years ago Bleach was epic, now it’s not.

I can’t feel, much less see, any passion behind Bleach now. Kubo Tite has been rehashing his own stuff from the Golden days. Even the animation was nothing to write home about. Repeated frames and quick camera cuts completely made this fight disjointed. Heck, it felt like some low budget show. Yes, I know it’s hard times, but throw us a bone here guys. Just something.

I’m actually looking forward to the episode after next. Not to spoil anything, but you can read the title of episode 203 at AniDB.

All my complaints went away when I saw the Shinigami’s Cup though. Classic lulz were had.


1 Response to “Bleach 201 – review”

  1. 1 Jay
    July 23, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Nice review there. And i agree completely, Bleach did used to be epic! Its gotten watery the past couple of years, however. The fights even were different. Ichigo would always get beaten down a little bit, then he would come back and kick ass. Now, if he even wins anymore, the difference in power is all too apparent. It’s either all or nothing in a sense with Ichigo’s fights. He either completely wins, or completely loses. End Game.

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