Bleach episode 202 review



So last week we saw Nnoitra had six arms.


Like, zomg!


Big deal!

Now, we  already know this, but Nnoitra is finding it hard to grasp the fact that even after getting hit so any times, Zaraki just keeps on comming back at him. Tough luck d00d, cos unlike you…

...this guys loves to fight!

...this guys loves to fight!

At some point during the fight, when Nnoitra goes all out, Zaraki realises that…

...he just might die.

...he just might die.

So he decides to use ‘Kendo’, remembering back to the time when he joined the 13 Squads and how Old man Yama taught him a few lessons.

The flashback.

The flashback.

So now Zaraki is ready to kick ass with both hands instead of just one. I’m not sure cos it’s been almost a year now, but in the manga Zaraki might have mentioned his power doubling if he uses…


... Kendo style.

Regardless, Nnoitra got beatup real bad. As is typical with Zaraki, he leaves his opponent in humiliation…


...instead of killing them off.

However, Nnoitra ain’t having…

...none of that pity BS!

...none of that pity BS!

And so the two have their final clash.


Before their swords hit though, Nnoitra has a flashback.


Now normally this would’ve completely pissed me off, but this was short and rather meaningful. Way back in the day, Nnoitra got his ass handed to him by Neliel. Since then he has had a ‘weakness strong-complex’ so as to never get defeated by being the stongest.  It was therefore this false sense of pride and overwhelming insecurities of his, that led to his undoing.


In his final moments…

....he sees Neliel...

....he sees Neliel...

...and she sees him...

...and she sees him...

…as she’s waking up. And so the great Espada fell…


...or did he...?

New ending was serene and rather pleasing, the complete opposite of the kickass opening. Classic Bleach style.


This week’s Arrancar Encyclopaedia also offered classic lulz.


After all my ranting over the past few weeks over Bleach, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The pacing was nigh on perfect. Although, the actual episode starting in at 4:20 and then the other 30 seconds mini-recap after the break does make me wonder whether Japanese people tend to forget things quickly? Or maybe the Bleach target audience does?

I remember when reading the manga for this episode, after waiting for a whole week, I found out that Zaraki’s special attack is to use Kendo instead of a sword release. I was utterly disappointed then, but the flow of this episode actually didn’t make me feel bad at all. Guess these are the times when animes become better than manga, by keeping a smooth momentum (amongst other things).

Another thing I’d like to mention is the final part of the episode, where Nnoitra is going down. This could’ve been easily messed up and ended up being super-cheesy, but the production team did a great job and the final product was tastefully done. The flashback of Nnoitra and Neliel not only helped us empathise with him, but also stated that these two have a deeper understanding of each other then the other Espada.

The BGM was also spot on, as were the moments of silence when an impact was needed. All these things together made this one of the best episodes of Bleach in recent history. It was not just the content, but the way it was delivered.

And with that…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!


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  1. 1 szafar
    January 22, 2009 at 1:18 am

    lovely review sir XD

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