FF XIII Demo pre-order!


Well, technically speaking you would be pre-ordering FF VII Advent Children: Complete. However, that’s like saying everyone bought Crackdown instead of buying the Halo 3 beta back in summer ’07.

The movie’s Blu-ray release will be an extended cut (as shown in TGS last year) with some new footage. Also, it comes with both the Japanese and English voice overs. Sadly, there won’t be any subtitles for those who prefer the original dub.

As compensation for this you’ll be getting the demo for FF XIII! In Japanese for those who prefer the original dub (and everything else original as  well, including menus, descriptions, etc).

Considering that FF XIII’s Western release will be next year (as confirmed recently) with the Japanese release most likely end of this year; that demo will be priceless for a couple of months!

Personally, this is a sweet deal for me as I absolutely loved Advent Children and didn’t mind the English dub either. The Blu-ray along with FF XIII is a dream come true! The one’s that I have during work.

Play-asia has it for $69.90 to be released on April 16th. A slightly steep price some might say, but my otakuism cares not.


2 Responses to “FF XIII Demo pre-order!”

  1. 1 Justin
    January 26, 2009 at 3:26 am

    No 360 demo ;_;

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