Bleach episode 203 review


Moving along.

Start the episode by skipping 5 minutes in and we begin with Nnoitra going through a self reflection stage before his death. What shaped his life up till the moment of his final breath against Zaraki was simply the desire to fight. And die in battle. This sounds archaic when I write it, but the saturated flashback scenes and the melo music in the background helped me absorb this scene much better.


So after Zaraki pays his final respect, he asks Orihime to heal him when suddenly she gets kidnapped…again.


Apparently she’s rather stunned after seeing Aizen again when her friends spent that last few months days in agony trying to rescue her. He’s just using her for bait however, as his real plan is to go destroy Karakura town and create the King’s Key there, meanwhile sealing all the 4 captains in Los Noches.


All is not lost though, as Old man Yama anticipated Aizen’s actions and instucted Urahara to make some preparations. First, to transport Karakura town to Rukongai in Soul Society. Details of how this happened are rather convoluted, so I won’t go into too much details. And the final task was to help bring all the remaining 6 captains to the ‘faux’ Karakura town in order to defeat Aizen.


Ah, but Aizen is not fussed at all. He brings his posse and simply decides to kill the remaining captains here and then make the King’s Key in Soul Society once they’re all dead.


In other news, Ulquiorra is free of his inter-dimensional captivity and back to kick some ass in Los Noches.


Namely, Ichigo’s.


Shinigami Illustrated this week was slightly fan-servicey but nothing major; minor lulz were had.


All in all, a good episode and a nice breather from last week’s action packed scenes. A lot of narration was had, but now the stage is set for the grand finale arc. The preview at the end looked a bit disturbing, I smell fillers coming up. I hope I’m wrong.

And with that…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!

3 Responses to “Bleach episode 203 review”

  1. 1 Alex
    January 25, 2009 at 3:06 am

    What is the song being played at the beginning when the music was “melo?”

    THe one between #5 and Nel.

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