A State of Trance 390 plus…


…Armin in Dubai!

Episode 390 ~ ****

First off this week’s tracklisting:

01. Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (Raver Rework) ~ ****
02. Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – Not Enough Time (Andy Duguid Remix) ~ ****
03. Nadia Ali – Love Story (Andy Moor Remix) [Future Favorite] ~ *****
04. Planisphere – Cyborganic ~ ***
05. Saint Rush & Zirenz – Shine On Me ~ ****
06. ID ~ *****
07. Kyau & Albert – Hooked On Infinity (Club Mix) ~ *****
08. Pulstate – Lost Forever (DJ Eco Remix) ~ ****
09. ID [Tune Of The Week] ~ *****
10. Roger Shah pres. Savannah – Body Lotion (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) ~ ****
11. Vast Vision feat. Fisher – Everything (Aly & Fila Remix) ~ ****
12. ID ~ ****
13. Andy Blueman – Sea Tides ~ ***
14. Amir Atme – Forgotten Days (Adam Navel Dub) ~ ***
15. Hensha pres. DCH – Nyana (Derek Recay Remix) ~ ****
16. True Form – The Getaway (Polarstate Remix) ~ ****
17. Dazzle – Relativity ~ ****
18. Arctic Moon & True Wave – On Silver Rings (Marcos Remix) ~ ****
19. DT8 Project – Destination (Akesson Remix) ~ *****
20. Airwave vs. Rising Star – Sunspot (DCML Remix) [ASOT Radio Classic]

You can find this week’s episode at:

– TBP ~ 192kbps, 256kbps & 320kbps

– Megaupload ~ 1 & 2

– Rapidshare ~ 1

So yeah, that’s that. Now for the highlight of this post, Armin’s performance in Dubai last night.


My friends and I reached last night around 1030 at Chi (@ The Lodge). An otherwise average club in the local scene, yesterday night it’s open air stage was set for mind blowing music.

When we arrived there was some DJ (Mike Knight I think) who was playing regular House music. He tried to rouse the crowd and was doing an ok job, but d00d wasn’t dropping the sequences and timing the beats right. D00d was no Armin. Still, he tried, especially nearing 12am when Armin was scheduled to start the show.

Just after 12, Armin came on stage and the crown went wild, cue for us to hit the dance floor and leave the bar.


Everything else is a vivid mix of ear splitting bass thanks to the (wrongly tuned) loudspeakers, flashing lights and people jumping up and down.


Yes, that's Armin on top of the speakers! That's how invloved he got :3

There was, of course, shit loads of screaming and whenever a progression ended and the beats pumped back to full, I swear I could feel the soundwaves destroying everything. Those speakers had way too much bass which often drowned out the higher notes. Not that you could listen to the finer notes in all the noise anyways :p


An immediate change of mood was felt when Armin arrived on the stage which can be contributed not only to the fact that he’s brilliant at what he does, but also that he was constantly smiling. Unlike the previous DJ (and almost all I’ve seen otherwise) who was concentrating hard and often breaking a sweat, Armin was completely enjoying the music just as much as the crowd, if not more! Always into the groove, knowing when to make the crowd scream at the top of their lungs.


I just missed those girls making out behind Armin 😦

Armin was, as usual, at the top of his game last night. He loved the music and the crowd, and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Everybody left home happy. Some went in an ambulance though.

There are six bouncers on the left kicking the shit out of people, Armin is on the right giving some lucky fans autographs.

There are six bouncers on the left kicking the shit out of people on the floor, Armin is on the top right giving some lucky fans autographs.

I went home with a big smile and muffled ears, with a high-pitched sound constantly ringing in my ears, even now as I sit here typing this 14 hours after the event. Guess that’s what happens when one is standing two frickin’ feet away from concert speakers for 3 hours straight.


Also, some rare loot 🙂

Our business card wasn't big enough for a full blown autograph

Our business card wasn't big enough for a full blown autograph

And with that…

...see you next deculture!

...see you next deculture!


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