Street Fighter IV deculture!


This Valentines, we bring you the Ultra love.

SF IV ~ 9/9/8/10

So everyone here has been playing Street Fighter IV for 3 days now. Decided it’s time for our very first Famitsu style games review. And what better game to start things off with then SF IV, and on Valentines Day too XD

So let’s start.

MJ ~ 9

Street Fighter is a franchise that has won many hearts as it has come along all these years. And Street Fighter IV does complete justice to its fans and to the franchise as well. Visually, it is the pinnacle of beat ’em-ups. Every one of the players has been exceptionally detailed in both appearance and fighting techniques. Attacks have been the “thing” Street Fighter has become famous for, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. The traditional light and heavy attacks as well as specials are still present, but in addition they are bringing in Focus Attacks and also Super and Ultra Finishers. The Ultra moves are finisher cinematic moves that change the camera angle and feature multiple hits and devastating damage. The Supers are like a condensed version of the UItras. Keeping that aside, there are six known new characters at the moment and thirteen returning from Street Fighter II. At the end of the day, Street Fighter IV is a title that has been built for the newcomers and has been tweaked for the veterans.

P.S: Don’t forget your arcade stick!


MM ~ 9

Like many developers before them, Capcom has returned to the nitty gritty basics of 2D fighting with Street Fighter IV.  In essence, the game itself is very similar to the tried and true formula used in the original Street Fighter II.  However, with the added addition of Ex-Moves and the newly implemented Focus System, Capcom has upped the ante for all 2D fighters bringing about the most astonishing graphics seen in 2D fighters in the last decade.  The game provides all the basic modes seen in previous iterations of the franchise which include arcade mode, online battle and challenge mode.  The game on its default setting is not for the faint of heart as getting through the arcade mode may prove to be quite an achievement on its default setting.  Luckily, the game provides 7 different difficulty settings to choose from, making this the ideal pick up and play title so far this year.



SZ ~ 8

The lights, the colors, the music, the animation, the characters* and the ass whoopin’ ACTION! Street Fighter 4 is this year’s Titanic for arcade fighting games genre and boy does it make it look good. I’ve talked about how jaw dropping it looked and played last time we got our hands – on at GAMES 08 and this is no different. What Capcom is able to prove here is that presentation and game play are like chocolate and donuts, lovely while single, magical when combined. SF4 is magic! Aside from the fact that it brings back a tsunami of memories of having to fight in lines at broken arcade machines (back in Pakistan my home country) only to be defeated by a guy who can actually reach the arcade sticks, it even plays like its supposed to. The gleaming varnish of floating costumes, sexy paint lines (in focus attacks) and the semi-cutscenes during Ultra moves adds a lot of cream to the cake.  Moreover, the unlockable characters, nostalgic environments and even the new heroes, all stretch the games’ longevity. Yet nothing stretches it better than the online playability. The recent lobby option makes kicking your friend’s ass while other friends hear him moan/whine, a lot more enjoyable. Not to mention that a decent 1 MB connection is good enough for zero lag times. All in all, SF4 is fighting glory at its best; nevertheless I usually suck at it so it obviously gets a few knocks for being so hard :P.

*some characters are ugly, I mean RYU just looks fat and retarted; thankfully his moves are not! 


TH ~ 10

Since I have never played any Street Fighter before, I come from the school of thought that Virtua Fighter 5 was the pinnacle of fighting games when it comes to accessibility and a deeply engaging fight system. Street Fighter IV completely trumps it. The title is easy enough to pick up for newbies like myself, yet deep enough with its parrying moves (Focus attacks) and exponentially powerful combos (EX, Super and Ultra attacks) that people will chew on this for ages. The anime inspired combo effects and camera angles give this game a very unique look without going overboard. The best thing about this game is that with a little effort, the new kids can go toe to toe with the old vets of SF II. And no matter who wins, finishing the final round, when it could be anybody’s game, with an Ultra combo will always keep your heart racing and coming back for more.

Ultimately what makes Street Fighter IV…


...such an epic win...

…is the simple fact that it looks fun, it is fun, and anybody and everybody who sees it wants in on it.

Oh, and…


...Happy Valentines!

...Happy Valentines!

5 Responses to “Street Fighter IV deculture!”

  1. 1 newKlear1
    February 21, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    great review… i like the famitsu style of reviewing….
    u guys should review more games…

  2. 2 a patron
    February 21, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Nice review by u guys especially SZ,

    Yo have you guys mentioned what console this games played on or have i missed it

    Any way looking forward to playing it,

    (Nice pic to conclude)

    See ya

  3. 3 th
    February 21, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Glad you guys liked it. Moving forward we’re planning to review games in this fashion. Also, the games were played on both consoles, but we played the X360 version online. The PS3 copy we received at the last second and we just tested some regular 2 player vs matches offline.

  4. 4 geek1
    January 8, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    I get the feeling you guyz are nerds and/or geeks… with very little female contact during puberty.

  5. 5 th
    January 8, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Welcome to the internet holmes.

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