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Another missed opportunity.

One of the main reasons why I haven’t been blogging so regularly over the past few weeks is that I was trying to hit lvl 55 to roll a Death Knight. Created on 3 hours back and I’m Lovin’ It! So now that I have that out of the way, things should operate normally.

Yesterday I finished RideBack and it dawned on me watching the 11th episode that this is actually a 12 episode series only. Not a big deal, given where the anime was headed. I was, in fact, relieved that it ended when it did and didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Since I already gave an introductory post on Rideback, I’ not going to give a recap of what the series is about, so I’m assuming you have already seen it. Instead, this post is to delve into the finer points of this anime. Like the over the top political agendas. In fact, so many things in this anime were OTT that it almost ruined it for me.


Rideback started as something unique, with a critical viewpoint on war and how it destroys the lives of those caught in between. Of course, no full scale war is shown here, but the way that the ‘military like’ governance of the GGP was used in ‘future’ Japan was ridiculous. That an organisation can have this much brutal authority over citizens to quell a group of resistance which was a result of it’s own past mistakes is very…realistic. I won’t go deeper into where this thought process is going, but the smart person would’ve seen right through this.


Setting aside the heavy politics, let’s focus on the anime itself. The relationship between Rin and her friends was captured very nicely. I guess high school interactions are quite simple at the end of the day. Her feelings towards Fuego and Ridebacks in general after shit hit the fan (when GGP started killing Rideback drivers) was also very well handed. Where it all went down the drain was the unnecessary emphasis of Rin’s ‘conflicted feelings’ when she rode Fuego. How liberated she felt even as battles raged around her. Too bad it took the death of a close friend (was she?) to get honest about how she felt about herself and trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

And the whole rivalry between Okakura, White Haired guy and Romanov felt rather petty. Not to mention the fact that the viewers were never given a good look at the history between these characters and what compelled White Haired guy and Romanov to hate each other to the point that a small scale war had broken out.


My final gripe with the anime is that these guys went through the whole show without a single fanservice shot, yet they gave in at the last moment. Why the pantyshots of Rin in such intense moments? Utterly pathetic.

Anyways, Rideback had a good chance to be a hidden gem. What started out as an intriguing, if not great, series at first glance, ended up muddling in a mess of cliches and heavy handed ’emotional’ scenes. The story never had a big impact because it was never fleshed out to begin with. And finally, the wrong characters had more screentime and emphasis. So incase you didn’t see it and are still reading this, you didn’t miss much. Still, the OP and ED is one of the best I have seen in a long time.


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  1. 1 luna
    February 17, 2011 at 1:43 am

    what is name of white hair guy???????

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