Bleach: Salvation (Ep 215 – 224)

orihime rukia dance

Comming back after ages.

Well, when last I left Bleach, they started the filler shit after Aizen & Co. reached the “fake” Karakura town, greeted by a battle-ready squadron of Gotei 13.

Anyways, the fillers didn’t last for long and I finally decided to get back into Bleach. If you remember, Karakura town was teleported to Soul Society with the help of four gigantic pillars (thanks to Urahara). Simple logic would dictate that should these pillars be reduced to dust, Karakura town would be brought back into the real world to be pillaged (for souls).

And so 4 weaklings low level Arrancar are sent to destroy these. Defending each of the pillars are 2 Vice Captains and 2 from 11th Squad. I’ll sum up the fights as follows:

First up, Yumichika vs Charlotte in battle…


...to see who reaches the height of faggotry first.

Next came Kira vs Avirama…


...which ended with surprising badassery.

Following which was probably the best fight this season between…


...Hisagi and Findor.

This was a straight up kickass episode. The smooth animation, the brilliant camera angles, the evocative music pulsating with the fight progression is what Bleach is best known for!

And finally, Ikkaku’s huge ego vs Poww’s hugeness…


...which almost cost the pillar.

In the end, Komamura had to finally step in to save Ikkaku’s stubborn ass. Now I must admit, Ikkaku with his Bankai would’ve surely been balanced against Poww, but even then, this dude looked scary. Like almost nightmare level of bizarre and creepy type scary!

Anyways, with these 4 killed off, the other Arrancar get into action with the remaining Captains and Vice Captains.

First up, Soi Fon vs Ggio…


...ending with a 'true assassination'.

This was a typical Bleach fight (of the bad times) when the stronger lets the weaker one beat them up to see their “full potential” and then finishing them off like cake, aka a waste of time with two full fucking episodes on a lame fight.

The current fight between Hitsugaya and delicious Halibel…


...rages on with nothing significant.

Meanwhile the fight between Rangiku and Halibel’s 3 bitches seems to be going downhill when who should come to save her pompous ass out of nowhere but Hinamori! And while Aizen correctly states that she’s a small nuisance…


...not even worth mentioning...

…I hope she gets her ass kicked big time. Yeah, I’m still pissed off at her dumbassery during the whole Aizen’s betrayal part back in the Soul Society arc.

So there you have it folks, the fights are raging on. There are a few gems here and there, but we all know that the real fun begins when shit will hit the fan, ie Aizen & Co. vs Ichigo & Co. (or Vizard & Co.??)

With these feelings of hope…


...see you soon deculture!


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