FMA: Brotherhood Ep13


Almost there!

It was a long and painful quick and enjoyable journey upto this point. Ed and Al get their asses kicked by Scar, then get their asses kicked again in Lab 5 after learning the ‘truth behind the truth’, reminisce of their learning days and finally get their asses kicked yet again by their teacher; all the while unaware that the lovely Maes Hughes has passed away. This is when we finally get to see Greed and his Chimeran buddies. The original series took 33 episodes to reach this point.


Hello ladies.

I’ll keep this post short as I wasn’t planning to cover FMA: Brotherhood until they diverged from the original anime series’ storyline. Now I know that in the past episodes of this new series, many plot points and sequences were mixed and matched from later in the old series to get things moving along fast, but none were as huge as this episode.


Shit just got real!

In the original 33rd episode of the first series, Izumi comes in to save Al and fights Greed until she starts puking her guts out. Then Ed shows up, only to be beaten like a little girl, as he usually was at that point in the anime. In this 13th episode, Ed comes to Al’s rescue first and discovers the key to breaking Greed’s ‘ultimate armour’ (discovered in episode 34 of original series). However, Ed learns this a little too late and is in no condition to fight toe to toe with Greed any more; in comes Izumi to their rescue!



Preview for next week doesn’t show who Greed is fighting, plus the location seems like some underground canals/ sewers instead of Dante’s house like in the original. Also, the Führer’s secret is revealed 😉 Can’t wait!

In any case…


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