setrise sessions #18


A mellow come-back …

.. by deculture . sorry for the untimely hiatus. we were down with some exam fever / crisis pain.

nevertheless, here be the 18th session playlist (the exact double of where we left)

Jochen Pash & Norm – Watching You (Original Full Vocal Mix) **

Jonathan Ulysses & Peter Brown – Time (Peter Brown Remix) ****

Everything But The Girl – Missing (Jonas Stenberg & David Florman remix) ***

Evave – To The Stars (Adymus Remix) ***

Sean Tyas – Seven Weeks (Original Mix) ***

Boris M.D. & Khaz – Eliana (Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix) ***

Waterspark – Lego (Andy Blueman Remix) ****

Ben Nicky – Special Moment (Steve Allen Remix) ***

Mario Ayuda & Paul Hind – Tour (Arisen Flame Remix) *****

Thomas Coastline & Crossryders – Tears (Thomas Coastline Mix) *****

The last two and the second track were epic. Too bad they couldnt play the whole of crossryder’s track. Scroll down for the download links.

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