Bleach Ep 225 – 226


The good, the bad and the fugly!

Continuing from where we last left off…

later tits

…Apache, Sun-Sun and Mila-Rose bring out their pet to fight for them…

Allon and posse

...Allon, the mega freak!

Meanwhile Captain Tuberculosis Ukitake is busy fighting waving off Lilynette, the very angry and dumb loli.


Perhaps I'm reading too much between the lines here.

Anyways, getting back to bigger and better things…

hinamori punched

...and things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

…Allon almost kills both Rangiku and Hinamori with a punch. What surprised me was not Hinamori getting almost killed, but that how Harribel’s bitches those Fraccion managed to create something so powerful. Since Hinamori and Rangiku will not be killed, as per Kubo Tite’s wishes, who comes to their rescue but…

kira hisagi hinamori

...good old Hisagi and Kira.

In the end, even these two hot shots couldn’t handle Allon and Yamamoto himself had to come and save their sorry asses.

yamamoto dissapointed

And with that…

see you next deculture we get on with the next episode. So yeah, when last we left, it was…

allon yamamoto

Allon vs old man Yama.

Suffice to say that he utterly wtfpwnd Allon, followed by the 3 dumb Fraccions. His final attack was quite carefully executed.

yamamoto toast

Seeing her 3 bitches fall, Harribel is quite evidently pissed. She’s had enough squabbling with Hitsugaya and decides that it’s…

espada 3 harribel

...time to bring the hurt.

Realising his imminent demise, Hitsugaya quickly bails out with…

hitsugaya bankai

...his bankai.

Honestly, if that is the face a Captain makes just after releasing his Bankai, then clearly there has been an error in judgement. Shit, in Diamond Dust Rebellion, a movie completely dedicated to this weakling, he couldn’t even finish off the main villain without Ichigo’s help! I wonder if he wins this one too, or loses like every major fight we’ve seen before.

On the other side of the playground, Shunsui puts 1, 2 and 3 two and two together and guesses that if Harribel is Espada no. 3, then Barragan sitting on the throne of skulls would be Espada no. 1, leaving Starrk as Espada no. 2 right?

starrk primera espada


The setup is therefore: SoiFon vs Barragan, Hitsugaya vs Harribel and Shunsui vs Starrk while old man Yama enjoys the show from the sidelines. Honestly, I’m glad that such powerful opponents are fighting against these Captains instead of the regular favourites Zaraki and/or Byakuya.

Also, let’s not forget Hueco Mundo, where the main cast is still trying to get out…

ichigo ulquiorra

...while fending off the bad guys.

I was honestly pleased with episode 226. The animation was brilliant, to say the least, the fights were well choreographed and smooth, the BGM was the kickass ones from the good old days and now that the small fry are disposed off, the real battle between the big boys and girls is about to start. And so, in eager anticipation of next week’s episode, I forward the ending credits to see this…

bleach fillers

Fuck you studio Execs! Fuck you all!

Depending how things turn up, we may or may not blog Bleach until this arc is resumed. Till then…


...see you soon deculture!


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