Canaan Ep 1


Gunslingers paradise.
Just looking at the OP two things are very apparent, the show has a lot of action, and there seems to be rivalry between the two women, one being the main heroine and the other one her arch nemesis.


And right on the money, Canaan is the name of our protagonist. The first episode, while heavy on action, is also a bit too fast in it’s pacing, leaving the viewers a bit clueless. The scenes between different characters move so fast that all we see are glimpses of what these people are doing, without any introduction whatsoever.


I’m guessing that we probably saw 7 to 8 different characters who had enough screen time and dialogues to show that they were important to the main plot in some way or another. Yet we are only really introduced to Canaan herself, a tabloid reporter in search of a big scoop, Mino, and his camerawoman and who’s presumably Canaan’s best friend Maria Ozawa Oosawa.


The anime starts with Canaan waiting on a rooftop to snipe the leader of the ‘Snakes’, a prisoner who is being escorted by armed military personnel. Next, we’re shown Mino and Oosawa coming to Shanghai to cover some cultural event. Strange things happen as random people with animal masks start to go beserk and die if their masks are taken off. This is where we cut to some big organisation, DAEDALA Corp. planning to create a PMC in Shanghai by triggering some random event. This is also when we are introduced to the concept of ‘Synesthesia’. A state where the person can use all 5 of the human senses at once to enter a mode of supreme clarity and focus. Whether this comes naturally to people or was a result of some experiment is never revealed. Quite a handy thing for assassins. And what do you know, Canaan goes guns blazing in the middle of festival, taking out those guys in animal masks. She meets Oosawa on the way and forces her to stay put. The episode ends with the leader of the ‘Snakes’ being rescued by her comrades.


So yeah, that was Canaan. As far as first impressions go, I am really intrigued by what I saw. The story seems deep, and  the characters already seem to have some sort long history with each other. We just see them getting caught up in big events. The animation was remarkable, action scenes went smooth and dynamic camera angles never got chopped in the  middle. Heck, I would even go so far as to say that the fight animations are better than FMA: Brotherhood.


Going by the tone of the anime and how the characters behaved, I’ll say that either Canaan or Oosawa will die in the end. Let’s see, it could be a happy ending too. The ED was also superbly animated; both the OP and ED credit songs are apt for the series. My only fear is that they don’t drag the series with unnecessary characters and plot devices. I guess we’ll  find out soon.

Till the second episode…


...see you next deculture!


3 Responses to “Canaan Ep 1”

  1. August 27, 2009 at 11:54 am

    I definitely liked it. I like the action, and Canaan is sorta like a Lara Croft really.

    Canaan is a cross between Lara Croft and the Geass eye sort of…..

    But great first episode.

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