Haruhi S2 E5


So I watched Watchmen finally.

And the Director’s Cut at that, clocking in at 3 hours! The only other film I’ve seen this long was The Two Towers Extended Edition and The Return Of The King after that, clocking in at 3.5+ hours, if memory serves me right.

Honestly, had any other director tackled this besides Zack Snyder, I don’t think the movie would’ve half as much fun. While I enjoyed the social commentary, it was only because the pacing was acceptable and the direction snappy. The cast was wonderful really. And all the while I was so engrossed, I didn’t even notice the sun had set by the time the credits started rolling. A genuinely good film, and a great way to spend a lazy summer evening.

And you know what’s not a good way to spend a summer evening (or any time for that matter)? Haruhi.

After sitting on my bed for 3 hours while watching Watchmen, my brain didn’t have capacity for any trolling whatsoever. So I simply fast forwarded through episode 5 to see that there was nothing new. Some costume changes here and there, but honestly, at this point I don’t even give a rat’s ass.

Jumping to the same conclusion I did last week, this shit has been fucked. But guess what Haruhi fans? Joke’s on you, coz when the DVD release hits, I can guarantee my entire DVD & Bluray collection that the studios are gonna split the 4 episodes of Endless Eight arc into other, new, produced episodes, just so that DVDs sales don’t take a nosedive.

As the Comedian very aptly says: Me, bitter? Fuck no! I think it’s hilarious!


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