Canaan Ep2


Bang, bang!

I’m really digging the pacing of Canaan so far. They provide little exposition, with more attention being paid to the current situation of the characters and brilliantly animated/ choreographed action scenes.


Episode 2 begins with the rescue of Canaan’s (and I’m still guessing here) arch nemesis, Alphard, from the CIA escort. Her rescue is masterminded by her No. 1 FAN! Liang Qi, who apparently has a sister complex. Lack of any gratitude expressed by the Snake gang’s leader at her rescue, especially towards Liang Qi was quite frustrating, so she takes it out by…


...shooting a pellet gun.

From the sounds of things, the Snake gang seems to be some sort of PMC group in the making, funded by stocks held in various Multinationals. Their purpose, as was mentioned in the first episode, is probably to create a fake war, thereby getting China as their main customer. Or something.


Meanwhile, we get a little back story on Maria Oosawa. Victim of a terrorist attack in Shibuya some years ago, she was the target of the deadly “UA” virus, later cured by her father (chairman of a leading pharmaceutical company). Her only dream is to become a photographer. In any event, Mr Mino(rikawa) seems intrigued enough by her past to hire her directly under him. The catch here being that Maria remembers exactly nothing about the virus incident. Also, he discovers that she’s a good friend of Canaan’s.


The plot thickens as these two are suddenly targeted by either hired assassins or part of the Snake gang itself, eventually rescued by Canaan. What follows is a chase sequence which is a mix between Rush Hour, Matrix and any random car chase set in European locales. Instead of being a stupid mishmash of them all, the scene was very well executed with the right amounts of silliness and slapstick humour.

And if all that wasn’t confusing, this surely is.


See you next, deculture!


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  1. 1 This Guy
    July 15, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    I know one thing is for sure. Something happening in my pants and its not grandma baking cookies!

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