Canaan Ep 3


A trivial matter.

Turns out that last week’s absurdities carried forward with what turned out to be a “Japanese Style” club. You know, karaoke, cosplay and body sushi. I’m confused though. The girl who led Mino and Maria to the club was shown in earlier episodes. The man she was with is the club owner/ manager, but she was pregnant. So how come she transformed? Oh well, whatever. Mino sees that weird mark on her body as well (like the other freaks Canaan killed in the first episode) but can’t get any further info. Such is the result…


...of playing with fire.

It’s cute, but he’ll end up getting burned.

Anyways, Canaan and Maria go out to have some fun. An otherwise enjoyable time, only to be ruined by the guy whose brother Canaan killed in the last episode. So he basically plans his vengence by planting a time bomb on Maria’s head. Of course, Canaan comes to the rescue, with her Synesthesia working in full effect.

canaan synesthesia

Here we are given a little back story on the Ua Virus mentioned in the previous episode. A whole bunch of people were experimented on, and the virus resulted in their internal organs being mutated to give these people some super-human abilities. Not without averse reactions though. This guy’s brother had two hearts which gave him greater than usual youth, at the price of increased ageing. He, on the other hand, doesn’t age, but also…


...feels no pain.

And Canaan it seems…


...feels no remorse.

As good a way to destroy a friendship as any I suppose: see your best friend kill a little boy point-blank.

And with that…


...see you next deculture!


1 Response to “Canaan Ep 3”

  1. July 22, 2009 at 7:27 am

    Well killing the boy that strapped a bomb to you is kind of better than blowing you into pieces, Maria.

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