Haruhi S2 E16

haruhi filler

I really don’t feel…

…like repeating shit, but hey.

The question now is whether this faggorty will continue for another 3 episodes (thus making the endless 8 arc come full circle) or whether KyoAni will get their collective heads out of their asses to end it all in the next episode. Odds are (5/8 harhar) it will continue another 3 episodes.

I don’t want to start another mundane discussion to which other bloggers have already contributed about how much everyone is hating on KyoAni right now, but my hope for humanity dies when I read that some hardcore Haruhi fans are so fucking gullible that they ‘don’t mind the endless 8 arc’. The fuck?! Are you telling me that you’re happy with costume changes? That you’re still finding new things to be greatful about? Hopefully these people are in the extreme minority. And hopefully DVD sales bomb for season 2 such that KyoAni has never seen before.

I don’t have much to complaint about except bandwith wastage and 1 minute of time lost forwarding through episode 16.


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