Canaan Ep 4


Growing dark.

Well, this was an exposition heavy episode, until the end that is. Before things could proceed from last week’s debacle, we’re taken for a quick flashback. The story goes that Canaan’s village was destroyed when she was but a wee little girl. Found by either a soldier (unlikely) or mercenary (probably) or perhaps even a terrorist, called Siam (or Sham), she was trained to kill from a very young age. Siam is also the person whom we hear during episodes as the one who is commenting on Canaan’s (and even Alphard’s) life.


What made her such an effective killing machine was of course her eyes (using synesthesia to differentiate by colouring people’s emotions….sort of like thermal imaging). Siam was there to make her efficient as well. More than a mentor, Canaan looked upto him as a father figure. In fact, when Siam found her, he was the one who named Canaan (An ancient Arabic name for a region that once covered Israel, Lebanon and Palestine).


Now there is one theory that I’m coming up with regarding Alphard. She is shown in the flashback as the one who kills Siam. When Canaan first meets her, Alphard says her name is Canaan as well. So I’m guessing that Alphard was also trained by Siam, but then went her own way after growing up. Shit happened, and she ended up executing Siam even though Canaan tried to stop her. Perhaps this is why they both share a common background and upbringing, but are also now arch rivals.


Back to the current day, after a good dinner thanks to Mino, Maria finally realises that Canaan shot that guy in the last episode to save her sorry ass (and has been doing it ever since they first met). So while Maria comes to terms with how Canaan is not a normal girl, Canaan is out for revenge after Alphard. Not only was she the one who took away Siam from her (whom Canaan considered family) but also tried to kill Maria (her best friend).


Canaan’s thirst for revenge was why she was ultimately defeated. Even though Siam said that this feeling is what sets apart Canaan and Alphard, she still succumbed to these emotions. Such are humans I suppose, driven by ambition, compelled by pointless emotions. She eventually gets away because Alphard let her, otherwise the series would end in an abrupt anticlimax. There are other things, like hinting that the CIA is somehow involved, but I’ll cover those when they become more relevant.

And with that…


...see you next deculture!

PS: I was wondering where I’d heard Siam/ Sham’s voice actor before, a quick search later: Snaaaaaake!!


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