Canaan Ep5



…who backstab and betray each other! Or at least that was the intention anyway, of Yunyun, the mysterious girl who kept appearing all over Shanghai working in different restaurants where Maria was having her ‘adventures of the day’.

In actuality, she was just another worker bee for the Snake gang, or more specifically, Liang Qi herself. She basically directed Yunyun to follow around Maria to basically get close to Canaan and ultimately kill her. Also, should the need arise, kill herself with Canaan as well. One really has to have absolutely no self esteem to follow such BS orders, or be exploited for drugs medication to survive.


Yunyun, as it turns out, is one of the survivors of the Ua Virus infected village, as Mino guessed that whoever has those strange markings on their body (essentially veins so prominent on skin to make a distinct mark) is working for Snake. Without delving into unnecessary details, Yunyun tries to blow up Canaan, dynamite strapped to chest and all, by using Maria as bait. Yet Canaan doesn’t kill Yunyun (to save herself) just because Maria told her not to. They both survive of course, Canaan reconciles with Maria and Yunyun decides to help the good guys instead of being cannon fodder for the bad guys.


It’s pretty clear at this point how the anime will end, I just hope the producers shock us with surprise deaths. While the episode didn’t have any action, it was still fun to see Yunyun’s misery. Maria, I want to start slapping because she’s getting a bit too emo about everything, and Mino is just wasting time instead of doing actual research on the Snake gang and the Ua Virus. One point to note is that the BGM was exceptional and really portrayed the mood in any given situation.

One thirds of the way down and the anime seems to be loosing steam, not a good sign, but let’s see what next week brings. And with that…


...see you next deculture!

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