Haruhi S2 Ep19


Same shi- wait, what?

So it took Kyon all of 647 years to grow a pair and/ or come to his senses enough to figure out what it was that repeated the last 2 weeks of summer 15,532 times.

We knew Haruhi wanted to do something else before summer ends, and Kyon invited everyone to his house to finish the school homework. Haruhi of course joined in too.

Now was it just the homework, or could any gathering before school began would have satisfied Haruhi to not repeat the summers? Fuck if I know. In fact, by the time this oh-so-shocking truth was revealed, I didn’t even want to see Haruhi’s face again. I’m actually glad they gave more screen-time to Kyon and Koizumi, and left out all the girls towards the end. I was sick of Haruhi (who wasn’t?), pissed at Nagato for doing jack shit for such a long ass time and Asahina’s “classified information” bullshit was really getting on my nerves. Well, it’s over now.

With the Endless Eight behind us all, I’m cautiously looking forward to the next episode. And with that…


...see you next deculture!


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