Sora no Manimani Episodes 1-4


Welcome to the Astronomy Club!

The first episode of Sora no Manimani starts off with Saku Oyagi returning to his hometown to begin his high school life. Saku finds pleasure in simply staying home and reading books, but his childhood friend Mihoshi Akeno used to forcibly take him outside to take part in various activities, her favourite being stargazing. On their last day together several years ago, Mihoshi fell out of a tree, causing Saku to go to the hospital with a broken arm, and since then Saku has kept a grudge against her and has never wanted to see Mihoshi again. However on his first day at high school, he meets Mihoshi as she is trying to recruit new members into the astronomy club. Saku tries hard to avoid her, but after Saku realizes that the reason Mihoshi did not see him off years ago was because she too was in the hospital, Saku makes up with Mihoshi, and ultimately joins the astronomy club.


The second episode begins with the recruitment of new members in the Astronomy club still going on as no one other than Saku has signed up for it. Hime Makita from Saku’s class is annoyed at the fact that Mihoshi and other astronomy members, all of whom are a year older than Saku, come to their class so often when she would rather spend some time alone with Saku, as she clearly likes him. Hime met him on the bus to take the entrance exam of the school and was relieved to see that they were put in the same class. After Hime digs further and finds out that Saku and Mihoshi are not dating, Hime joins the astronomy club, which finally becomes officially recognized as they had now satisfied the terms of the student council. Later, the astronomy club goes for their first stargazing session far from the city lights.


In the third episode, Mihoshi seems to be bothering Saku too much lately. Ultimately, he decides to take a break from the club and goes to the library where he meets the student council president Fumie Kotozuka by chance. After talking with her, Saku realizes Mihoshi is merely expressing her feelings honestly like she always has and Saku agrees to accompany her with stargazing. However, the rainy season begins causing Mihoshi to get very depressed over the cloudy skies. With Saku’s suggestion, the astronomy club goes to the planetarium and are shown the summer constellations. After the rain ends, Mihoshi decides that the club will go on a summer stargazing camp.


The fourth episode focuses alot on Hime and her anger towards Mihoshi and Saku’s relationship growing. As the club has decided for a summer camp, the preparations have begun. Finally, Hime can’t take it anymore and lets out her feelings about Saku and Mihoshi’s close relationship. Mihoshi then tells her that she loves Saku, along with everyone else, which leads to an unpleasant atmosphere being created amongst them. The club is then seen on their way to their camp and how they have to overcome the big obstacle, Fumie.


Summarizing the review, Sora no Manimani seems to be another show with the theme of love and friendship, but only this time, executed really well and done just right. The slapstick comedy fits the show perfectly and the comic timing is just right. The voice actors have done a wonderful job by bringing these characters to life. Another thing that I really like about this show is that nothing is overly done. Everything seems to be flowing at a nice gentle pace. The plot is simple and the chemistry between the characters are a blast to watch. Judging from just 4 episodes, this seems to be a really good anime. Hopefully, it carries on just like this the complete season.

The animation is not the greatest, but for a show like this it is perfect. All the astronomical aspects are animated beautifully and are supported with soothing background music. I really like the opening theme as it fits the show perfectly, but I cannot say the same for the ending theme. In short, the show is commended for it’s light entertainment.

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  1. August 14, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    I say the ED of Bakemonogatari fits the show well. Well not exactly, just regarding the context the of the lyrics. (watch ep 5 😉 )

    Anyway, I didn’t say anything about the ED of Bakemonogatari not being fit to the original series XD.

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