Canaan Ep 6


Love & Peace!

Since I have to write a crap load of articles today, I’ll be very brief about the summaries.

So this week’s episode was pretty straightforward as far as the plot goes. Maria goes to the International Anti-Terrorism Conference, where all world leaders show up etc. Place is rigged by the Snakes to hold the people inside as hostages and infect them all with the Ua Virus.


What I still don’t get is Alphard’s behaviour towards all this. She remembers Siam (her and Canaan’s teacher) who told her to do things for herself instead of following others, and then she can reach her true potential. This leads me to either of two conclusions: that she master-minded this whole operation just to fuck with people and show what a badass she is, or that she wants to resolve the issue between her and Canaan with a big bang. Or both.


The star of this episode was undoubtedly Liang Qi, who is being her miserable self, taking out her frustration on Cummings and Maria. And Canaan, after “hitting puberty” is on her way to save Maria, as usual.

With that…


...see you next deculture!


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