Renewed effort!

The website feels quite stagnant lately. I mean we do have weekly podcasts, but not a single post since forever. Thing is that while most of the team is busy studying or working, the little bit of time I personally get at home after work, I just want to relax. That’s because of my job: Editor for GamesLatest.

Sitting for hours in front of my laptop at work means that when I get home, I do not want to :

a) sit in a chair

b) look at a monitor

c) touch a keyboard

Sadly all of the above are mandatory for working on deculture. That said, the website is getting really boring now. It is going against what my belief of deculture stands for. In essence, deculture is not doing it’s job in it’s current state.

So I’ve decided to make one post daily, but keep it short. I used to write episodic and even full series reviews with a lot of passion, but I’m too mentally exhausted at work for in depth discussions anymore. This, however, doesn’t mean I can’t make an effort to keep deculture’s spirit alive. So my posts will be short, but they will come in daily. Occasionally I might get inspired to write up a huge post, but these will be few and far in between.

So let’s rock deculture!

PS: I made the above wallpaper just to test my skills on CS4. First time I used it in that’s what I got, hope you guys like it!

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