Durarara!! 16 deculture!

After FMA, this really is the best anime show going on right now. We’ve covered it a lot in some of our earlier podcasts, but I’ll just make a brief PSA as to why this show kicks so much ass.


As soon as Shizuo beats the shit out of the would-be slasher, Celty takes the infamous Aika blade (in the shape of a regular kitchen knife) to Shinra for inspection. Turns out it really is a regular kitchen knife, circa 2009. Something doesn’t add up here; clearly the guy who attacked Anri was possessed by the spirit of the Aika blade, yet this is just a regular knife. Meanwhile Anri is paid a visit by Haruna (sexual harassment teacher’s ex-lover). Turns out she’s the “mother” of the Aika infection (first one to get infected by Aika) and she expresses her love by slashing people. Whoever in turns gets slashed is also infected by the virus. Also, she’s pissed at Anri coz the teacher now wants to get inside her pants instead. Meanwhile Shizuo and Celty both come to the conclusion that many people might be infected by Aika (virus) and when they both run into each other in the garden, half the fucking town turns up with knives in hand, ready to “express their love”. Meanwhile Anri is backed into some street corner while escaping Haruna. As Haruna goes into a monologue about how Aika chose her and how she’s been spreading her “love” to the entire city, Anri tells her to basically STFU as she pulls our the real Aika blade…out of her hand!


This is why I lurve this anime so much. Pretty much every character has a hidden side to them which may or may not be good, but they’re all real badasses in their own right. Everybody who seems like a pathetic weakling has some sort of secret. The chief example of this case was Anri, who pissed me off to no end, she was that much of a loser. And now she pulled out a fucking katana out of her hand as the true wielder of the legendary infamous blade. I know Shizuo is also getting to “love his power”, but whatever, he’s always kicking someone’s ass. Izaya meanwhile is such a bastard that he probably knew Aika was spreading around the city; just enjoying the show from the sideline. Undoubtedly as things get out of hand, more and more people will come out to help each other and the city they so love.

There’s just so many characters to keep track of, but each one is as memorable and important as the other. I’d really like to visit Ikebukuro in real life some day. Probably to find out its people are boring as hell, but still.

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